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  1. 21 custom trailboss 6.2 1200 miles so far runs perfect
  2. Lt285 50 22 33's I do have a level kit however I have not installed it
  3. It's very flush if it does stick out I do not notice it
  4. Hello I purchased a 2021 6.2 trailboss custom since I picked the vehicle up I have heard a very faint and or light squeal and or squeak noise at any speeds light acceleration, deacceleration and or cruising at a steady speed. I am not one to be concerned about noises I just turn the radio up for now lol however I am about to put a bora ATAK system on my truck so maybe that will drone it out lol. anyways was wondering if anyone has this same concern or have any clue on what it could be before I put my exhaust on Thanks
  5. If your talking to me It's factory lift However the wheels I got for 50 percent off for the set for gm oem black wheels from q dealer. Tires are open toyo open country all terrain 22's Went with 22s I like the look better than 20s and plan on upgrading the brakes for the front brembos
  6. I live in Florida the panhandle and I had to special order mine tb custom 6.2 midnight edition ordered dec 17 just got here last Wed Have yet to see a trailboss 6.2 in my area at all
  7. So I just got my new truck on Wed been driving it for just a few days and wow the 10 speed is just wonderful. I just took the truck offroad this morning and handled the trail very well. I came from a 2017 gmc sierra with the 6 speed and what a world of difference. Now I just have to clean my truck lol Overall this truck has exceeded my expectations This picture is the first day I picked it up so it's not dirty in this pic lol
  8. Honsetly no matter what brand or car you buy there will always be an issue with something I Own one and have not had an issue with any leaks
  9. 100% this function has a lot to deal with a lot of factors how long the vehicle has been driven temp outside, if ac is running etc alot of people think this system is suppose to shut down every single time that is incorrect
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