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  1. My 6.2 Silverado is being built and I am looking for a upgraded exhaust system. I am a huge fan of Corsa however they do not have a exhaust for the new silverado's with tips and I am looking into a Bora exhaust ATAK Part # 140784. Anyone have any experience with this system? I have watched a few youtube videos on how it sounds. It sounds great on video but have yet to see someone in person with this exhaust system Thanks
  2. Wait this makes no sense so your baseing it on how much you seen drain ?? You didn't even check the dipstick?? To check it correctly after running make sure it is on a flat surface wait 10 to 15 minutes and the check the oil level. Hope this helps
  3. So almost 2 months since I placed my order still at event 1100 anyone else have to wait a month or two before finding out a production date ??
  4. Ordered my truck dec 17th Custom trailboss 6.2 midnight still no eta Chevy chat says been accepted into the system but hasn't been assigned a target production week yet.
  5. Check to see if there is a update for your truck you can do yourself Should be a open software update they sent out which you can check thru settings on your truck which when they send it out the radio will stay on even if you open the driver side front door seen it many times should take 10-15 minutes if there is a open software update
  6. So turns out my dealer doesn't have a allocation for my truck for a 6.2 custom trailboss yet they have 2 high country's in transit with 6.2 I don't understand...
  7. I work in service I have yet to see an issue with one yet however yes there is a open recall for inspection
  8. I was wondering the same thing I have no clue it sounds like they do ? But I am starting to wonder however It is still at event 1100 ordered a week before Christmas so I guess time will tell ..
  9. But then again we had over 22 inches of rain in 24 hours during that slow storm Guy claimed he only went thru a puddle and I'm sure the puddle was about 4 feet of water...
  10. It is not I work at a chevy dealer in in the south had a hurricane come thru many months ago guy got his 19 silverado vehicle towed in and his was hydro locked. He had to file a insurance claim and the paid for a new engine
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