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  1. I had both batteries replaced in my 2020 2500 HD Diesel under warranty. The truck was totally dead after sitting for two weeks. My trailer lights flash every 30ish seconds when parked at night with a trailer. I thought it was a “safety feature.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. 2020 2500 HD Diesel I had a similar problem after not driving for a few weeks. I had a radar detector plugged into the lighter port, but I assume this cuts power. The batteries were completely dead and I had to use the emergency key to unlock the truck. This triggered the anti-theft. I put a battery charger on the car and it couldn't charge because the truck was trying to flash the lights and honk the horn. I was able to jump start it after leaving jumper cables between two vehicles for 45 minutes. The dealer replaced both batteries, but didn't correct any TSB's.
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