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  1. Well ordered 4/16 ( 5.3 LT 1500) and have a TPW of 5/10 siting at 3300. Kinda surprised it got to that point so quickly. I'd guess that puts me at a late may-mid june delivery depending on shipping issues?
  2. Timing called for me to get one before July so I went ahead and pulled trigger on the '21. I would hope I get it in before that and that the rebates/factory deals will be kind despite the demand. My dealer has yet to get me an order number though.
  3. I went fairly vanilla LT (skipped the running boards) and the 5.3 without the fuel management/chip. I'm hoping being fairly plain helps me out. I pretty much couldn't find a vehicle that matched what I wanted/price I wanted to pay in the whole state! I just hope there is some sort of GM incentives when this thing finally rolls out with demand this high.
  4. So I made my order this past Friday and the dealer swore up and down it wouldn't be more than 8 weeks. I'm starting to doubt this greatly. Is there any rhyme or reason for those who wait 3, ,4 , or more months compared to those who get them in the 6-8 weeks? I know allocation can play into it, but the dealer said he had a free spot for me.
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