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  1. Your truck’s RPO code has to be IOS or IOT for Intellihaul to work. Unfortunately mine is IOR.
  2. Is the Intellihaul compatible with a 2021 Custom Trail Boss?
  3. Where are you all finding the replacement consoles? I have a 2021 custom trail boss. I want to take out my jumpseat and replace with a console. Any ideas as to where I can find one?
  4. I wish I could find an electric seat like you did to replace my manual seat. Did you find yours locally or somewhere online? Thanks.
  5. Looks good. I just got mine two weeks ago. I have done the floor mats, spray in bed liner and steps so far. I ordered the auto dimming rear view mirror with garage remote. It’s in back order. I have been trying to get window tint but here in FL all the places I have called are a month or so out. I am also looking to get some seat covers but haven’t decided which to get yet. I will probably do the wheel well liners like you did. Did you get them from Chevy or order from somewhere else?
  6. I recently received my 2021 Trail Boss Custom and of course it has the “dumb” mirror. I went ahead and pulled down the console which only has OnStar and overhead lights, pretty basic. There are the 3 unused harnesses like others have mentioned. The dab of glue that holds the harness I need to upgrade my mirror is a little bit of a pain. I used a flathead screwdriver and sort of dug into the glue and just slowly wiggled and pried and it came up. Now I know the harness is there I will order mirror with the garage door controller. Did anyone ever figure out what the other two harnesses are for?
  7. I just got my 2021 Trail Boss Custom. I built a under seat cargo organizer of sorts and plan on putting a dual USB port receptacle in the center of it so the kids in the back can plug in phones. I was thinking I can run a wire up to the passenger side fuse box and tap into it somewhere. Any suggestions on where to tie in power? I want power to the usb receptacle only when truck is running. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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