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  1. Better shifts after fluid is normal for the 8-speed (can't speak on others). If the TC chuggle comes back, that's also normal after a few thousand miles, but varies on how soon. For me, got on it one day entering the highway, and didn't shift; slight hesitation then dropped to low gear/high rpms, all at 65 mph. Beginning of the end.
  2. Decreasing interval lengths may be helpful after 100K. IMHO idunno if it helps, but I have had my trans replaced, unexpectedly.
  3. Yeah that would've been my next question on how to mitigate water. Seems like no benefit, so no worries.
  4. Can anyone shed light on this or maybe have tried it? I see various intake manufacturers offer a lower intake tube underneath the bumper for older body styles and the diesels. Anyone know why there aren't any for the 14-18 1500s? Some sort of ram-air is the closest to forced induction I can think of. It's "free" air underneath so why not?
  5. Wondering the same thing as OP but where on the CORSA system does a resonator fit? The elbow before the tip a small one one maybe...
  6. No one to blame but myself, I get that. If it was advanced wear, degraded performance, even abuse, sure that would make sense....Failure from normal conditions is absurd to me, not to mention all the other 8L90 issues for folks that follow the manual to a "T".
  7. Mine at 30K...was planning another at 100 before my issues started.
  8. One change...Asked the dealer (at 90K) what's needed at 100K...showed me the service schedule and said at 90-100 change everything. But at 60K (on the fluid) that gums it up...that's crazy.
  9. First post, been a lurker for 3 yrs...2017 High Country w/ 101K. Lost 6,7,8, gears and truck wont shift past 5th at all. Similar symptoms to others, hard hesitation then super high RPMs (low gear limp mode). Dealer inspects and says fluid is so gummed up the valve body, solenoids and some other sh*t is "stuck" and there is metal everywhere. Yep, had the torque converter issue at 30K, with dealer flush. $5K for a new trans with a better warranty than the stock, 3yr/100K...wtf. Apparently any "updates" GM has made will be in this shiny turd of a sh*t show. Anyway...after
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