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  1. Yeah, the top leaf was all the way to the top c bracket keeping them from opening any further. I probably could have got it in there with some lube but didn’t want to go that route. Either way it’s working and I’m happy and I appreciate you for helping solve the only issue I’ve had with the truck.
  2. I did it, I ended up taking out the factory plastic pieces though, couldn’t get the rubber in there with them in place. Tested it and the noise is gone! Thank you .
  3. do i install between the 2 long leaves removing the oem plastic piece?
  4. I appreciate this thread. The clunking noise has been driving me crazy. I've lowered and tightened the spare, tried to shake anything and everything under the bed, sprayed lubricant on the leaves, nothing has worked. I ordered the spring things kit and REALLY hope that takes care of it. Its been happening since day one and now have 700 miles on the truck. 21 LT Trail Boss, springs marked mexico and built in mexico.
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