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  1. That’s a sweet looking setup. Will be using the exact one. The name brand ones are way to expensive for a Chinese catch can with hose and plastic fittings if you ask me. I’ve seen those catch cans on eBay for about 20 dollars. I’ll run over to Home Depot and look for the bracket. You screw the HD bracket directly to the catch can with the provided screws? And did you have to drill holes on the bracket? Better pics would be appreciated.
  2. Made my rough country low profile trifold fit. Had to notch the tonneau rail on the rear driver side to accommodate the factory grab handle on my 2021 TB. No big deal. Though the rear clamp that installs into the rear stake pocket will not work cause of the grab handle. Been trying to order or find a front clamp to no avail. If anyone has an extra one I’ll buy it off you. FYI the rear 2 clamps are different than the front and middle clamps.
  3. Sealights LED lights in if you got the regular halogens..There’s a thread on the halogen headlights replacement and the consensus was the Sealights LED. They easy plug and play with no bulky external igniters. They produce a white with a tad of blue light without blinding oncoming traffic. Price was cheap at around 120 on Amazon but I found them for 65 on Ebay, the low and high beam set.. Before installing I marked the halogen bulbs light output and after installing the Sealights LED bulbs they were at the exact spot. No adjusting necessary and haven’t been flashed by on coming drivers. The Sealight bulbs on the passenger side and the OE halogens on the driver side on the attached pic.
  4. eBay generic at 179 free shipping. I like the OE look and at 6 inches wide they stick out far enough to hopefully prevent any door dings.
  5. I’m more interested in that quanset building. Any exterior pics, I’m thinking building one later on. There’s apps available for both Android and IOS that can read the OBD 2 info via a wireless dongle. The total cost of the app and dongle is less than 50 dollars if you shop around. I use to use one called called Torque on my Android with a Tacoma. Did everything you want. I could clear codes as well. I think there’s a better variety on the Android platform. IMHO the edge is way way over priced.
  6. Did the Sealights as well. Though I got the low and hi beam set on EBay for 65 dollars. I was disappointed a lil cause according to description they are aluminum but they are actually a plastic light bulb. Other than that, the lights bulbs work awesome. Did not have to adjust the lights either. The passenger side are Sealights and driver side are thr the OE halogen bulbs.
  7. Anyone have pics of the interlocking GM floor mats. I’m being picky about them not covering the bottom sill/trim. Looks like the GM ones don’t cover that. But I’ll probably go with the GM ones cause I know they’ll fit like a glove, plus I have enough points to cover the purchase. Anyone have the brown ones, stuck between the “dark atmosphere “(brown?) and the jet black ones. thanks…
  8. Wow that looks really nice I was debating this or a Katskinz kit for my 2021 Trailboss custom. I had a set of classizos on a 2014 Tahoe and everyone thought it was leather from the factory. I hadn’t seen any pics on the 2019 and newer Silverado body styles and this may have just sold me. If you could post newer pics after breaking in would be great, especially of the front middle folding seat. Also where did you purchase them from? And how much? I would like a dark chocolate or coffee color something as close to a king ranch saddle leather color on mine. Did you get the basic leather cover or the upgraded Napa leather style?
  9. I used the Carplay2air module. Was 130 on their website. For some reason it “looked” better than amazon version. It came from over seas, China most likely. Had it in less than 2 weeks. It works perfect on my 2021 Trailboss custom.
  10. Besides the GM ones anyone know of a quality floor mats meant for us with the front bench seat. Need a brand that makes the 1 piece front floor mat. Ordered the Smart liner off Amazon for my 2021 and it fit like garbage. The holes for the factory clips were way off and fit like it was shorter than than suppose to be. I’ll be returning but now still needing a good quality mat.
  11. So basically, you ordered a somewhat universal GM style fog light kit and a GM style switch with the fog light switch. Then wired the red wire to the battery and then tapped the white wire into the GM style switch? And now the fog light switch is an On/off switch? What wire did you tap into on the switch and can you independently control the fog lights weather the low beams or high beams are on? This is probably the best way to go and not have to get the BCM reprogrammed. Links to the parts would be awesome Thanks
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