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  1. Your reading too much into this! Put your trailer on your truck and drive it. The chance of failure is really very low. I will say GM Roadside Assistance was excellent. They had a flatbed truck at my location within 15 minutes. A dealer loaner wasn't available but GM offered to pay for a rental. We agreed GM would pay for 90 day insurance policy on my summer car that was in storage so I had something to drive. I haven't seen that reimbursement yet. Haha
  2. Disclaimer; I'm not a motorhead either. This is what I've learned after some homework. If anyone knows better, please enlighten me! Under the intake manifold, there are 2 semi-rigid fuel pipes that need to be removed when servicing lifters on the 5.3 GM part #12677002 and #12679463. I did read somewhere that GM specifies 'single use' and these parts are not to be reused. I've looked at other dealer service invoices for lifter replacement and these pipes were replaced. My Sierra build date is 12/20 and I've babied that truck like my first born child. 2 lifters collapsed simultaneously at freeway speed leaving the truck undriveable. I hope you escape this curse!!
  3. Rinke GMC in Centerline Michigan did not replace the oil. I just now had it changed at a local shop. Filter and oil dirty. That's why I'm blown away by this!
  4. I just picked up my Sierra with 7100 miles from GMC service that was in for lifter, push rod replacement. I'm shocked they released the truck to me without replacing the engine oil. Does this seem right to you? The service department also did not replace the fuel pipes below the intake manifold. I read somewhere the pipes are one-time use and must be replaced. Does anyone know if and where GM specified replacing the fuel pipes?
  5. Add my truck to the list! My 2021 Sierra with 5.3 just did the catastrophic lifter, bent push rods failure at 7000 miles. GM towed it to nearest dealer. No loaner available. Estimated 1 month to repair. Not happy!!
  6. Interesting problem. Does turning the driver door key lock clockwise lock the doors? If so, The problem is in the door. Probably connector X505 has come apart.
  7. These are the black plastic caps or plugs in question. The one on the right of the picture is a piece of black tape filling in for a missing cap.
  8. I have a 21 Sierra Elevation. I have 5000 miles on the truck and I have lost 2 of the black plastic caps on the bottom of the rocker panels. I live on a gravel road. Maybe that's why they fall off. On a white truck, those 10 caps on each side look terrible. Does anyone why GM put them there and has anyone found a source for them. Getting them from the dealer is like pulling teeth!
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