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  1. So I’ve searched all over and can’t seem to get a straight answer to what I’m experiencing. So I have a Black Bear Tuned 03 GMC Sierra 1500HD with the 4L80E 4 Speed Automatic transmission with the ability to Manually shift 1-2-3. My understanding is that when I Manually shift it down into 1st gear it’s suppose to lock it into 1st gear so it revs up way higher and engine brakes to slow down but does not shift until I manually shift up to 2 or 3 or put it back in Drive. Well when I lock it into 1st gear, the revs are much higher but it still automatically shifts to 2nd gear once I get close to 25-30mph even though I have 1st gear selected. Is Manual shift lock not working for me? Has anyone else experienced this? I just don’t get the point of manual shifting if it’s still gonna shift up automatically anyway Thanks for any input!
  2. I have a 03 Sierra and installed a LED light bar with dedicated harness from the battery to a switch inside the Cab. So my light bar ran perfect and then I started noticing when I turned them off, they would still flicker. So I bought a Load Equalizer and installed that in line close to the light bar and screw it to the frame. I go to turn my lights on and now they flicker while ON but turn off fine. This might be stupid simple but could that mean the Equalizer is bad? My connections are pretty solid.
  3. So I have a 03 GMC Sierra 1500HD with a 4l80e and 4.10 gearing with the essential Intake and Exhuast mods. I’m in process of getting a Black Bear Performance scan cable tune and I’m about to fill out the Tune Order Form asking how firm I want my shifts and how much Torque management to remove and if I want the “Tow/Haul Ass” button. This question is for people that have custom tunes. Since I have the Beefy transmission I wanted to take 100% TM off for normal driving because I want power when I need/want it cause that’s why I got a 6.0 and I like Firm shifts. I also like the idea of the Tow/ Haul Performance button. My Question is, with 100% TM off in “Normal mode” would the Performance button make any difference that you can feel? I just wonder at that point if it would be worth getting the Performance button or should I have 80% TM removed in Normal mode so that I can really tell the difference from the Performance button. I want to squeeze everything I can out of it. Anyone that’s chose 100% TM removed AND have the Performance button? How do you like it?
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