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  1. New dude. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I will try and remove the battery cables and maybe that will reset.
  2. My battery died suddenly. I replaced it and everything started back up. The guy at the auto parts store told me to lower the drive side window wait a minute and raise it. It should reset things. Everything went back except the dashboard compass. I've read the manual, driven in circles in an open parking lot, looked at youtube videos. No luck. Any ideas on how to reset the dashboard compass???
  3. I had the same wining noise. I recently had to had the same issue on my 2015, no cold air. I tried freon with the leak inhibitor. That would last about three days. The wining would be on if I had the AC on. My buddy checked out the AC unit with a sniffer (detects freon leaks). the condenser coil was shot. We found this is very common in GM's. The condenser is in front of the radiator and subject to welds failing due to road salt. We replaced the condenser coil from Rock Auto, less than $150. I got the upgraded one with some special coating on the aluminum. Borrowed a hvac evac machine, + the freon and we were done. Took about 4 hours. No more wining noise and cold air.
  4. As long as it checks out mechanically and all recalls are taken care of. Sounds good. If it is out of warranty you can probably purchase some from the dealer. Good luck
  5. I live in NJ and also experienced pretty much the same issues. I also have a 2015 I did google the symptoms and found this is an ongoing electrical issue. I still occasionally have a problem with the radio, blinker, phone problem. It is a “low voltage” problem most likely with the computer and nothing else like a batters or alternator. I would just shut it down and let it set for a few minutes. Everything would return to normal operation.
  6. Have you tried KBB.com? they are pretty good at giving you a price for what it's worth.
  7. silveradosid you were spot on with your assessment. the problem gradually got much worse. i brought it to the garage and had to replace the front hubs. i also had to replace the sway bars. the truck drives like it's brand new. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for responding. I am in 2wd mode. There is a mode for Awd but haven’t been in it in a while. which is the correct mode I should be in.
  9. I have a 2015 Sierra 4WD Recently when i am making a slight left turn, i can hear a slight growling sound coming from the front end. This occurs after driving for a couple of miles. My tires do not show abnormal wear and they were replaced about 6 months ago. There are no problems with steering. I took it to my mechanic and they thought the sound came from the front end transfer case. They replaced the fluid but the sound is still present. Any ideas??
  10. When making a slight left turn,there is a slight grinding noise which seems to be coming from the front end. I have no trouble steering and the tires are not showing any wear. Any ideas?
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