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  1. Just sold my one owner 98 & have gotten my first diesel! Love it so far. 2019 Z71.
  2. My 1 owner 98.
  3. Jon Rogers, I think you might have exactly what I'm looking for assuming it has leather. Hopefully they keep this color for future years as I have to pay for its new home (shop). Before I can swing one. Good to know I'm not the only one struggling to find one though.
  4. I've noticed around here (NW) that the color blue topaz seems to be extremely hard to find. In fact a lot of dealerships you visit don't have any at all. Anyone know why this is such a rare color? I have decided that this is the color I would like to get when I decide to buy but had to search & search just to find one so I could see it in person for myself. Also does anyone know if the blue that gmc offers is the same as the blue topaz that chevy has?
  5. Pics. of the acid tank for the burner.. Hopefully its not where it was on previous models but seems like I saw a pic showing it still on the frame rail.
  6. How many people are from Washington?

    Olympia area here. My ride

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