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  1. Yep, the website link doesn’t work, and I can’t find them on eBay. Anyone?
  2. What is your build date, and does it have the max trailering package?
  3. I thought that the 6 speed autos had been pretty reliable overall…?
  4. I generally replace the water pump as preventive maintenance on all my vehicles around 100k when doing a timing chain or belt replacement. Especially if it’s something that I plan on keeping a few more years. And I always go back with OE parts when doing so. If you’re just doing the belts and idler pulley though, it’d probably again come down to if I was planning on keeping it a while.
  5. I bought a set of four Blue Point (Snap-On’s discount line) strap wrenches. Cost about $85ish, they’ve been great and work well with every vehicle that I have. Would definitely recommend!
  6. Oops. Didn’t notice the Sierra logos on them, they won’t work for my Silverado. Sorry!
  7. Never mind, didn’t notice the Sierra logos.
  8. Bought my Dec.’19 manufactured 2019 in March of 20 during the onset of Covid with the 5.3 6-speed. It has the max trailering package which gave me 3.73 rear gears in the bigger rear end housing, the rear locking differential, slightly lower stance and stiffer spring rates. I’ve been very pleased with the power, overall mpg - about 18.5 - and the torque. The rear gearing helps quite a bit. And I have used regular fuel during all of its just over 20k miles. Great, great truck. The max trailering with the lower gears just works.
  9. 2019 5.3 AFM, 6 speed, Max Trailering, 18,500 miles, no issues at all so far.
  10. Those Rhino RB20’s may be the best looking ones pictured in this thread. I’d think that you’d never have an issue with peeling with the powder coated ones, they may get some surface scratches just from grinding dirt into them as they’re stepped on over a period of years. But that’s definitely preferred over peeling.
  11. That’s the build sticker, built 12/19, tenth digit is K, 2019 model year. Of course 2019 model year is also on my window sticker, title, insurance, etc., etc. AND it has (had) the tow mirrors installed straight from the factory as you’d expect with an NHT (max tow) truck.
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