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  1. Bought my Dec.’19 manufactured 2019 in March of 20 during the onset of Covid with the 5.3 6-speed. It has the max trailering package which gave me 3.73 rear gears in the bigger rear end housing, the rear locking differential, slightly lower stance and stiffer spring rates. I’ve been very pleased with the power, overall mpg - about 18.5 - and the torque. The rear gearing helps quite a bit. And I have used regular fuel during all of its just over 20k miles. Great, great truck. The max trailering with the lower gears just works.
  2. 2019 5.3 AFM, 6 speed, Max Trailering, 18,500 miles, no issues at all so far.
  3. Those Rhino RB20’s may be the best looking ones pictured in this thread. I’d think that you’d never have an issue with peeling with the powder coated ones, they may get some surface scratches just from grinding dirt into them as they’re stepped on over a period of years. But that’s definitely preferred over peeling.
  4. That’s the build sticker, built 12/19, tenth digit is K, 2019 model year. Of course 2019 model year is also on my window sticker, title, insurance, etc., etc. AND it has (had) the tow mirrors installed straight from the factory as you’d expect with an NHT (max tow) truck.
  5. Although I’ve removed the tow mirrors for RST replacements, I still have them and have pictures with the mirrors both on the lot and in my driveway from the day I bought it in March 2020 right when Covid kicked off and I bought it at an excellent price. The mirrors were the only thing I didn’t like, lol!
  6. It was/is on a T1. Bought it new, still have it. There was a second identical truck on the lot at the same time, and they both were 2019’s, albeit very late 2019. Build date was in December 2019.
  7. My 2019 Custom NHT (max trailering) came with the tow mirrors, so yes, they were available on 2019 1500’s. I actually removed them and replaced with new Silverado RST mirrors and had my local body shop paint the top panel to match my black truck and swap them out. The wiring harness all plugged right in, and my power mirrors work perfectly, so I’d expect the reverse to be true. And, no, mine never shook at all.
  8. My 2019 Custom T1 5.3 NXT (max trailering) 4x4 with a 6 speed and 3.73 gears on factory 20” wheels will get me from 18.5 to 19.2 on a typical tank of gas, but it drops to about 13-14 or so if I’m towing my equipment trailer with a Kubota tractor on board. I’ve been pleased overall with my gas mileage.
  9. 2019 Silverado Custom NHT with Tahoe Z-71 wheels, had posted in the wheels and tire setup thread, but I’ll drop a picture here as well:
  10. So, give me some clarification here if you don’t mind. What I’ve read is that the problem has predominantly been with DFM engines, but you’re saying that they’re identical lifters on both engines. So, on my 2019 Silverado Custom L82 5.3 AFM engine, manufactured in December 2019, that I may very well have a problem eventually as well? I’ve got just over 18,000 miles on it so far with no issues at all, the truck has been great and runs great - so far! Thanks in advance!
  11. 2019 Silverado Custom NHT, with 2021 Tahoe Z-71 wheels, first post!
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