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  1. Found this about the big brake kit. My RST has regular brakes which show to fit all silverados 2019 & up. https://www.chevrolet.com/performance-parts/vehicle-upgrades/new-silverado/brakes
  2. It has been a while since I did mine. I am pretty sure you have to remove the storage doors to do it. They have about 3 screws that hold them on. I looked for a video but dont see one online....
  3. I have bought 2 set of replicas from OE Wheels and havent had any issues. I am currently running the replica black 22" wheels now. Here is a link to the GMC wheels. https://www.oewheelsllc.com/Fits-GMC-Sierra-Rims-CV36-20x9-Black-Sierra-Wheels-SET
  4. This is the blue end plugged straight into the camera
  5. One thing I did try was to see if you could make the cable longer and yes you can! I gently cut off the black plastic piece on the end that does into the mirror and then plugged it into the blue connector and it works fine. You will have to tape it up to keep things together. This means you can use 2 of the cables, a mirror & the taillight camera assy to do this job.
  6. I got my new mirror yesterday and everything works fine now. I would assume this means that the Gen 1 mirror wont work unless you are using a gen 1 camera out of a cadillac or something. Now I just need to get the headliner down and finish the install.
  7. Well I got the new third brake light with the camera and it still does not work. I guess I will buy another cable in case this one is DOA before I spend the $$ on a new mirror.
  8. Sorry. Will check when I get home. I went ahead and ordered the 84487008 as the dealer said he could have it tomorrow. What is the part# on your Blazer mirror?
  9. Thanks Brian. I think the camera is bad. I have the Blazer mirror hooked up and the long cable hooked up to the spoiler camera only and nothing. I even put it in drive to make sure that wasnt an issue. Thats the bad thing about used parts.
  10. So I have all the parts now. I have a used Blazer mirror and a take off spoiler and a new cable. Before I take the headliner down I wanted to make sure the camera works. The mirror shows the blue screen with the camera on it but with just the camera plugged into it it is not working. Do I need to hook up the brake light wiring for it to work or should the camera be working without the brake light wiring plugged in? Surely I am not the only impatient one around here. ?
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