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  1. iPhone XS Max

    Does not fit in the spot but if you get it in there level on the bezel it charges fine! No pics of course.
  2. iPhone XS Max

    It is a little too big for the bezel area. Guess we will find out on Friday if it makes enough contact to charge or not.
  3. iPhone XS Max

    I bet it will fit. I will have my new case tomorrow so I will verify then.
  4. This is where I bought mine: https://www.ebay.com/sch/Mouldings-Trim/33654/m.html?item=352364522600&epid=655823615&hash=item520a8fec68%3Ag%3A7ZYAAOSwK~RaRkTj%3Asc%3AUSPSPriority!76705!US!-1&_ssn=toneygreen He might not have your color today but keep checking!
  5. Center console upper trim

    there is a screw holding the curved part on and it holds the power outlets in place too. Remove the screw and pull down on the straight end. It will pop right off.
  6. I will take them. PM paypal info. Thx
  7. I may be wrong but I think everyone is just using a LOC to get the signal. Lots of good reading here and there is some non bose info in there too:
  8. I love my 5100's. My truck was like driving a boat the way the Ranchos bounced all around. Feels like a truck now and handles bumps like a boss! I guess everyone has their idea of what a nice ride feels like.
  9. Wireless charging

    I think you are correct. My radio charging icon was on for a couple days with nothing hooked up.
  10. Wireless charging

    My fuse blew this weekend. Where is it and what type? I pulled the pass side cover off and cant figure it out. Is it a mini fuse or the j type? I unplugged my charger today too. The plug for the charger is on the rear of the center console.
  11. Wireless Charging Module

    I ordered mine from www.gmpartsnow.com I just checked and they have 2 available.
  12. Front Camera

    All plug and play. Hardest part was getting the cable through the firewall grommet. You dont even have to run a power or ground as it uses the factory stuff.
  13. Geez. Drive to Waco and I will do it for free. Here is a video showing how to do it:

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