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  1. Little update, I had a day to try and work on the truck when I got back from being out of town for work. Ran into some issues, after getting the driver seat to power up and move, a couple functions were not working properly, (the seats came from a wrecked truck). The driver seat had a bad switch panel, and a bad motor. Ordered those and got them put in this last weekend and then found that another motor is not working due to a bent bracket. So I’m back out for work again but I will try to resolve the issues on my upcoming vacation and post another update. Thanks
  2. Couple more pics here. Just how to unhook the airbags in the seats and one of the seat belt tensioner that can be removed when retrofitting. Your 08-13 seatbelt will bolt in as well, just you have to turn the locking tabs until you find a spot where it tightens down flat. (Not perfect fit but will work fine) . I’ll try and keep posting updates on the truck as I go on but due to work it’s hard for me to actually get anything done on the project!
  3. For the back seats, —- nothing, it’s all unbolt and bolt. for the front I had to cut the old brackets off the 07-13 seats and cut the 14-18 brackets off. And weld the old mounts onto the new tracks. (Careful to not weld the sliding tracks together). Then due to the design of the seats I made brackets out of ar500 plate to basically set my seats back about 6 inches. The new rails are shorter than the old ones. (I’ll post pictures here for you to see.) I haven’t came up with new shrouds to hide all this yet but have a couple things in mind. — as far as the power goes I have the passenger side working and the driver side working as well with all the basic movements. But I’m currently working on cross connecting the 30pin harness to the 48 pin harness now. If I can get it all done I should have all the heated seats and factory functions working through factory buttons on the dash. But it’s being a nightmare finding a diagram on the new seats. I have all the old harness wires figured out. the issue is with gm, they have the brain in the seats and if it’s not done correctly and where they talk then you get a Christmas tree on the dash. And or worse you pop the airbags in the new seats. (I suggest disconnecting these).
  4. Hey all, Idk what happened to the original user who made this thread, and hopefully all is well. But I was just browsing through this because I already started doing this to my 08 2500. At least the seats, carpet, and center console for now. But I figured I’d post some pics and maybe a short video showing how I made all the seat brackets work.
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