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  1. Is the security light lit while trying to start before or after? If not the key is not the problem. Possibly the ignition switch is bad.
  2. Its easier to unbolt the taillights and move them out of the way (because you can clearly see the space between the fender and liners) and blast the crud outta there !
  3. VYU plow prep is NOT standard equipment on ANY GM fullsize pickup truck.
  4. My 07 gmt-900 popped several brake lines and the tranny lines too. The oil cooler also rotted to pieces and we eliminated it altogether. Also the exaust manifolds were rusting away I note the body was perfect with no rust issues at all.owplowing This was in 2013 so I traded it in for a new car. Snowplowing and salt destroys vehicles in NY.
  5. A regular snowplow using SHOES (properly set) gliding across a paver drive (thats frozen in place and aged) will have no ill effects.......................
  6. The fella that wrote that article is a fool! Not to mention import CAR fanboi! The price of pickups too high compared to his goofy bmw? Somebodys got to PAY for his all expense paid trip to ride that "manly" truck thru that stream and woods so he can sip wine and eat lobster afterwards with the other non truck expert "auto commenters". Its ME and other folks that NEED a truck for WORK that pay the freight for his free trips and food! Maybe if WE the buyer got a free trip and test drive when we PAY for that truck it wouldn't hurt so much when we SIT down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. GM should sell just the replacement heated glass piece. I bought just the heated replacemnent glass for my 07s stock mirrors and installed it myself. Call the dealer and ask.................
  8. For a pre 2003 GM theft loc radio you can just unlock it yourself with a simple procedure found by doing a search. 2003 and up theft-locs units are VIN# locked and require a trip to the dealer and the Tech 2 machine.
  9. 2011 sierra shifting out of park

    Its prob. the BTSI (brake to shift interlock) going bad. Common issue...................... Its on the steering column and you can replace it yourself.
  10. Door chimes and stereo amplifier

    The warning chimes work tru and are generated by the radio. The radio is prob. toast. and on its way out. Check your owners manual to see if that year has the chime adjustment thru the DIC controls. My 04s chimes were adjustable but my 07s were not.
  11. There are 2 vents in the back wall of the cab and the box. One on each side.
  12. question

    Its a hard call to say that a current plow mounting carton will fit on a newer not yet produced vehicle as mfrs. change things at will. Certain Douglas Dynamic companies GMT-900 mounts changed in 2010. Also note that GM will deny factory warranty work on non VYU equipped plow prep trucks also. Just a few things to keep in mind.........................
  13. The center hump especially to the rear in the x-caBS and crews are quite different in both the gmt 800 and 900s.
  14. It would be even easier is some of the dumb posters would QUIT using stupid model designations like OBS, oobs, old body style, old old body style, new body style and refer to the correct gmt-400-800-900 model designations.......................
  15. clearing trouble code

    YUP............The FEDS require TPMS in all 07 and up pass. cars and trucks IIRC. (thank Explorer/Firestone owners for that BTW) The older 2 piece TPMS sensors from GM are $75 bucks each. The newer models are 1 piece. No idea how much they cost. Pretty sure your tire dealer may have aftermarket sensors. Check around before you buy sensors from the GM dealer Look here: OUCH! http://www.titantpms.com/chevrolet-silverado-2008-2012

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