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  1. Was there ever anything figured out with this? My truck did this this morning on my way into work. I didn't go through a puddle, but it was wet and misty out. My truck is a 2016 LTZ with 33,000 miles. Went to pull into my parking spot and my brake was stiff and couls barely slow it down. Turned truck off and back on and was still the same. Opened the hood and checked oil level and took cap off and put back on. Seemed to work then. Called dealership immediately and took it in. They just called me back and said they can't find anything wrong but acknowledged that there was a bulletin out and my truck didn't have any of the symptoms/causes that the bulletin says to look for. So, they can't do anything about it until it happens again. Great, so next time when it happens and I get into an accident and I'm dead (and I'm out of warranty)...then what? I understand you need some sort of proof because some people like to make stuff up to get free stuff under warranty...but this scares me now and I'm going to be thinking about it every time I drive it! This is the first time I have had this truck in for problems...so it has been nice since I came from a RAM that seemed to have quite a few issues (but always got fixed).
  2. Get the Amp retractable bars...they are awesome!
  3. I'm in the process of buying these wheels in 20". I already have the 275/60/20's to put on them.
  4. Do not use the dark gray...it's not even close. The anthracite is closest and what I used. I'm looking to get 20" rims and one min I want chrome and the next I want black.
  5. They are the GM ones that the Dealer had on it when bought.
  6. I painted my rims one color and hated it and it peeled right off. I used 4 layers and 2 clear layers. Put a new color on and have had it on for over 12,000 miles with no problems. The key is to not have any "edges" where it can start to peel. I turned the rim around and painted a quick coat on the back side "edges" to get the edge completely covered.
  7. great, now I'm completely confused! I had my mind made up that I was against black and now I find myself looking at those again. Thanks!
  8. Are those your current setup or is the pic in your sig your current? Which did you like better...the chrome or hyper black?
  9. I think yours works with the black because you don't have any other chrome on the truck. Looks good. I'm not looking to try and replace all the LTZ chrome trim. Your setup does have me looking at some black and chrome wheels maybe?
  10. I hear ya. I couldn't stand the stock 18" machined rims that came on it so painted them. I've seen that truck...I think it needs a little chrome or something. Ok, thanks guys. I think chrome it is.
  11. Yeah, been struggling with colors. When I got the truck I said I was done with chrome...but starting to lean back to it. I painted the rims gun metal with plastidip and liked it...but starting to think I need some chrome in the wheels. I'm just not liking the black with Tungsten. Maybe a chromed blacked I might like?
  12. I'm looking to get new wheels for my 2016 LTZ Tungsten Metallic SIlverado. I really like the OEM style 49 wheels but they are 22" and I want 20". I have seen these replicas out there with the chrome inserts which would go nicely with the LTZ chrome trim, I think. I'm wondering if anybody has these rims on a Tungsten truck? Wondering if the gunmetal clashes with the Tungsten? Anybody have pics with something like this on their Tungsten? I plastidiped my wheels dark gray and it looked aweful...the grays were too different. Went with gunmetal and it was much better. So, just want to see how these grays below go with the Tungsten. I've seen some pics with these on a tungsten...but they said they painted the rims to match.
  13. Why don't they sell off their website? They said you had to call in to order? Really, who talks on the phone anymore these days! Is shipping included with the price listed?
  14. This is a problem with a lot of other brands. My last 2012 Ram was the worst! I tried everything trying to get the light output better. When somebody asks me about my new truck and the best part...the 1st thing that comes to mind is the lights! I absolutely love the LED lights. I can actually see at night again!
  15. This is interesting. My G2 I had on my previous truck had dents just like this...just figured it was hail damage or I (or my kids) did something that I didn't remember.
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