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  1. Dyson customer since 2007. Terry Dyson is top notch and his advanced analysis kit (which has admittedly gone up on price over the years) is worth the money for the insight he can give you. If you email him with questions, he may very well be able to give you advice to use for BEFORE you have to send the sample in. Hope he can help you get your truck straightened out.
  2. Looking to upgrade after 10 years from my 08 GMC CC 4x4 5.3 4-speed SLT. Local dealer has a DEMO 18 Chevy LT 5.3 4x4 6-speed leather bench seats Allstar plus package with 3800 mi for just under 39k. 14k off sticker. Decent price?
  3. Thermostat; while you're working on the pump it's cheap and easy to get to. Coolant reservoir pressure cap. Again, cheap insurance.
  4. Despite the identical RPO codes. 08 5.3 trucks didn't have variable cam phasing, which showed up in 5.3's in 2010. I'd talk to a tuner and see if the variable cam phasing issue can be worked around through tuning before I dropped the cash for a motor. I've got a hunch it may be a deal-breaker though.
  5. All above are good points. Other thing to look out for is proper lug nut torque. Unevenly torqued lug nuts or lugs not torqued to spec is a BIG cause of rotor warping on any rotor that floats floats on the hub to be secured by wheel and lug nuts. Also, did you lube the stainless clips that the pads slide on? On a floating caliper, if the pads cant slide freely, one side of the pad can get stuck and wear unevenly. This happened on my truck and I had to throw out a set of half-worn pads. I only use OE Delco rotors and OE Delco pads (brown box, not the durastop line). Haven't had a problem since.
  6. Canned tune will not improve on the blackbear. My truck is almost identical, except it's a 4x4 with 17 in wheels and stock size Michelins. I get 12 in town (very short commute). 17.8-18.2 @ 70-72 mph on the interstate. How fast are you driving? 75 mph drops me down into the low 17's high 16's. 80 mph would likely get me down into the high 15mpg range. These trucks have a lot of drag from wind resistance. Costs money to go fast. As stated above, it may be time for O2 sensors, but you can't expect miracles.
  7. Cracked bearing cup on the u-joint would be my first guess. I'd check it before pulling the diff cover.
  8. As an aside from the E85 debate, which people will never agree on, I would think a dealer could reflash your ECM with a factory calibration using their diagnostic machine. I wouldn't think it would more than an hour of labor. If you want to run 87, get the proper tune in the ECM. Whatever tune you have, it has too much timing advance in it for 87.
  9. Can't speak for your fluid level, but my the trans temp on my 4L60E runs between 175 and 190 unladen in the heat of the summer. 196 would not surprising with a 2k lb trailer. I've hit 210-215 towing a 4500 lb trailer up a steep hill at highway speeds. I don't think your trans temps are related to your fluid level, I would probably top up a smidge, but I'll let others speak to that.
  10. If you have an Autotrac transfer case (it has an auto 4wd setting on the knob), do not use ATF in it. This t-case should only be filled with GM Autotrac II fluid IIRC.
  11. I doubt it. The pedal has two independent sensors in it that determine the pedal position. It's doubtful both would fail and give the exact same reading at the same time, and if they give differing readings the truck throws a P2138 code and goes into limp-home mode. Does the truck have adjustable pedals? Pedal position is programmed to the remote. If you use two different sets of keys, the pedals will move when you unlock the truck with the other remote. Them being further forward or back could explain the difference you are feeling. However, the squeaking noise you're hearing may very well be coming from the pedal, which, if verified, would call for a replacement.
  12. There was a bad run of door lock actuators in the 08 model year. All 4 of mine failed over the course of a year or two and were replaced within the warranty period. They exhibited the same symptoms as yours. Pretty well know problem on 08s. Sorry, can't help on your seat/adjustable pedals issues.
  13. To my knowledge, no GMT-800 trucks ever had a 5.7 and all '99 half-tons were GMT-800s. I remember because I was shopping them at the time. The GMT-400 based 2-door Tahoe SUVs were still made in the 99 model year and did come with the 5.7. IIRC the 99 3/4 and 1 ton trucks were still GMT-400 based and were available with the 5.7, the 454, and the 6.5 Turbodiesel, but I could be wrong on that one; it has been a long time.
  14. Sounds like you're set. Happy trailering!

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