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  1. I don't think they're worth it. The GMT-900 trucks actually used a peltier cooler to cool the air blown through the seat. They would freeze you out of the seat (while also cooking the feet of the backseat passengers). The K2 trucks is just a fan. It can be helpful if you're soaked in sweat, but i certainly wouldn't spend a boatload of money trying to retrofit it. I've had my 18 for almost 4 years and 60k miles and I've probably used them less than a dozen times.
  2. This deer hit was an almost $16k comprehensive claim with no damage to frame, driveline, or suspension. Basically a whole new front clip + core support, radiator, condensor, shutters, fans, and one really expensive LED headlight. I think your really close to total territory with the current value of your truck.
  3. I think this is what you're looking for.
  4. Put more weight in the camper over the axles instead of the bed.That will take SOME load off the truck's suspension. Of course do not exceed the GVWR of the camper itself.
  5. Had yours gone far enough to get the chirp sound? The lifter trays are the only thing keeping the roller lifters in line with the cam.Typically what happens is one of the trays loosens enough to let a lifter turn 90 degrees and it just starts chewing the lobe off the cam. Happened on my fiance's 2013 5.3 at about 115,000.
  6. What's the oil pressure at highway speeds? I suspect worn lifter bores bleeding off pressure from wear incurred due to extended oil change intervals (following the GM Oil Life Monitor) Been down this road with my fiance's 2013; 120,000 miles. Had lifters done due to lifter chirp and then 6 months later I stomped on it to pass on a two lane road and spun a rod bearing. After the lifter repair oil pressure was lucky to be 25 or 30 running down the interstate. If I had it do do over again, I'd have run Rotella T6 5w-40 or even a 20w-50 to keep the pressure up; It might have saved, or at least prolonged the life of the motor a little bit.
  7. I had my pressure washer roll forward and take out mine about a month ago. Covered under comprehensive insurance, so it shouldn't effect rates the way a collision claim would. Bill with OE GM glass and install was $1,350. Insurance covered it less the $100 glass deductible. Call your agent. Worst part was waiting the 2 weeks for the dealer to get the glass in.
  8. Nothing wrong with it. Drive it till it's paid off, then enjoy payment free driving for at least a little while.
  9. Maybe shower after your workout. Otherwise, some good seat covers you can wash the funk out of.
  10. Sounds about right for e-rated tires and 3.73 gears. The gears will kill your hwy mpg. My old 2008 GMT900 with a 4 speed and 3.73 gears never did better than 18 on the highway and that was with a tune and 93 octane fuel on P rated Michelins. I towed my 3k lb boat/trailer combo 400 miles over labor day weekend and i think the computer said 13.5 when i got back home, which means somewhere between 11 and 12.
  11. 2018 5.3 8-Speed 3.42 87 Octane If I hand calculate it, it almost always comes out about 2mpg less than the computer. My 87 mile commute north to Tennessee every weekend has a lot to do with this. Google maps shows that trip almost always comes out to an average speed of about 50 mph. I normally get 22 to 23 on the interstate with the cruise set at 72mph. Around town, in my small city with lots of red lights and a heavy foot, I get between 11 and 13mpg.
  12. Well, I'll see you on the other side.
  13. This... possibly. The viscous coupling in an engine driven fan typically fails in the locked up position. With the truck in park and warmed up, rev the engine and listen for a howling noise from the fan.
  14. The OE AcDelco wires lasted you 8 years. I think (actually, I KNOW) ACDelco is what i would replace them with. Monkying around with aftermarket plugs and wires on these trucks seldom ends well.
  15. Weathertech floor liners and a toolbox. Not much need for pictures here.
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