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  1. It's likely just the G80 locking up when you spin the tires. The thud you likely often hear is it locking or unlocking.
  2. An inattentive lady bent my bedside when she backed into it with less than 3k miles on my new 18. I used the dealer body shop. Manager was good enough to get me a whole new bedside instead of bondo. He mentioned to me that his shop doesn't straighten frames PERIOD. Any bent frame on a K2 or newer truck means they order a new frame and transplant the truck onto it. My guess is the at-fault party's insurance company pushed hard to get them to do it on the cheap. I'd personally be pretty PO'd at the body shop for giving in.
  3. Too much $$$ IMO. I think you could get a new 2018 LT CC 5.3 6-speed 4x4 for close to that number if you shopped around.
  4. Because you're posting in the K2 2014-2018 forum, not the GMT-900 (07-13) forum would be my guess. Gen IV engines took the PF48, the new Ecotec Gen V engines take the PF63.
  5. They're putting a whole new bedside panel on mine. She also got the taillight which is $675 by itself. I'll give her credit. At least she was honest enough to leave a note (and after 2 old ladies chased her down yelling about a felony) she called the police on herself and got a report made with her on the record as admitting fault. All that's left is to wrangle with her insurance co over diminished value and take it in to get it fixed.
  6. Double ouch. You definitely have my sympathies. Body shop estimate on mine is $2900.
  7. And some dumb hairdresser already backed into it and bent it. Less than 4k miles.
  8. There are several messaging apps out there that are android auto compatible that do a better job at this. Just google android auto messaging app.
  9. 2018 5.3

    3k miles on mine. I can hear my pump and injectors ticking in a drive through, but no "knocking".
  10. There's no way in the world I'd borrow that kind of money on a 3 year old truck with no bumper to bumper warranty and <2 years of powertrain warranty left. Is this one of those buy-here, pay-here type places? If so, RUN!
  11. I would think the trailer would have an onboard charger wired to the 120v shore power. If so, make sure it works and keep the trailer plugged in. Just don't forget to keep the trailer deep cycle battery topped up with DISTILLED water.
  12. Do other 12v items in the trailer work? Are we sure the jack still works. Maybe turn the truck around and run jumper cables from the truck batt to the trailer house batt the try the jack. If it doesn't work then, then you know you've either got a problem with the jack or it's connection to the trailer battery.
  13. Unlike my 08, my 18 came from the factory with the +12v pin on the 7way plug hot already. Look up the pinout for a 7way plug and use a multimeter or test light to see if you've even got power at the plug. Is the deep cycle battery in the RV good? If it's toast, it will suck all the amps that the plug can provide leaving nothing for the jack. The jack should be running off the RV house battery in the first place, not directly off the plug. You shouldn't even need to plug in to use the jack. EDIT: just realized it may not be an RV. A trailer big enough to need an electric jack likely has electric brakes. If so it should have a battery and a breakaway system to energize the brakes in the event of the trailer coming off the hitch.

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