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  1. My trans is getting a liitle long in the tooth and I fear a replacement will be needed soon. I would like to purchase a remanufactured unit and install it myself to minimize downtime. I would like to know if anyone has had a good experience with a vendor. I have seen a ton of them online but would like some real feedback before I pull the trigger. Thanks.
  2. LG is the way to go. Used to deliver appliances for Lowe's and the LG appliances were the least problematic. Hardly ever had to go back to swap them. Samsung used to be good but the quality seemed to drop as they gained popularity. Whirlpool and Maytag have been crap for years as they are basically the same internally. GE seemed to be even worse.
  3. I drilled holes in mine but have seen guys use j-bolts to secure chest type boxes to the front tie downs. You would have to drill two holes in the box but none in the truck.
  4. Have you checked the exhaust system for restrictions?
  5. With a small mirror and a flashlight you can see the sticker on top of your fuel pump. It will say TCU or TCF. Those three letters will tell you which pump you need. It will take a little contorting but I did it and am not a small guy.
  6. Pulled the bed on my 01 last year to do a fuel pump. I also have a hidden goose neck hitch. It was only a matter of four more bolts for me.Had a friend help me lift the bed and sat the front of the bed on the rear tires and the rear sat neatly on the bumper.Plenty of room to work.
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