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  1. I have it too but I don't have a way to view Siriusxm weather anywhere on my 17 LTZ just traffic icon shows up. Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah the nav will reroute for traffic if it thinks the highway will be busy. There is an option I thought that you can toggle off for traffic. That may do the trick? Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
  3. Cool idea! I'd also do this. I'm sure there Is a circuit to tap that would allow this.
  4. I like the interior of my 2017. I'm just saying the new one looks the same in comparison and for a new truck they could have done better.
  5. No man I'm with you. I have a 2017 LTZ with the 6.2L so im not a GM basher but I know what's nice and what's not. GM did NOT do a good job with the interior of the new model. Lazy and cheap compared to Ford and Ram. The gaps in the dash panels are horrid especially for the high country. I can see GM doing a quick refresh on the 2019 to stay competitive. Adding push button start and making it look the same as my 2017 isn't innovative.
  6. I'm doing the same thing. The cord is long but doesn't seem long enough to go to tow hook. So I'm also interested in any ideas!
  7. Anyone else feel GM got lazy on the interior? Seems to be a VERY minor tweak to the interior compared to current trucks? Almost looks the same. You look at the 2019 Ram that just got released the interior is actually so much nicer! And they also have a full glass roof available (if youre into that which I am). Seems GM rushed this released. I'm a bit disappointed they didn't go further with it.
  8. Hey! I am using 18" black steelies with winter tires for winter on my 2017 silverado 1500. Just curious if anyone knows if they make it chrome or black hub covers for the trucks hub? I can't stand looking at an exposed hub. I wish there was a chrome lug cover that would simply fit on the nuts like the Ford crown Vic! Haha Thanks!
  9. Hey there! I have a brand new 17 Silverado LTZ with the factory Navigation. I was driving on the highway when my truck told me of oncoming construction which sure enough was there. I did a search on here with guys saying that we get those alerts through SXM however on their website for market coverage it does NOT show any cities like Winnipeg In my province of Manitoba as being covered for traffic which leaves me wondering where does the construction alerts come from? Maybe Onstar? Thanks!
  10. From the other spy shots looks like the interior will be almost identical to current Gen with just minor tweaks like the steering wheel.
  11. Well that's bullcrap! Seems it's USA only, no options to sign up for us Canadians!
  12. Hey there! Just curious is the lower chrome on the bumper for the z71 is able to be bought or if the whole bumper needs to be replaced as one piece? I want to add it to my 2017 silverado. Thanks.
  13. Hey! Im trying to figure out what class Hitch I would have on my 2013 Silverado 6.2L with the max trailer package. Would it be a class 4? Reason I'm asking is I'm looking for max tongue weight on the truck. I pull a three horse trailer fine but now I'm curious... haha
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