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  1. I love it. Its one of those things that until you use it you dont realize how handy it is
  2. ReTrax Pro Tonneau?

    Im currently using mine from my 09 but the 19 bed is bigger so the older covers dont fit perfect like they should. Ive been fairly happy with this cover and will likely stay with it.
  3. Gm performance exhaust

    Im not looking for anything too loud just some sound. Plus I like a tighter sounding exhaust over a loud wide open one
  4. Has anyone personally installed the gm factory exhaust. Im going to purchase next month but considering installing myself. Wondering how difficult it is.
  5. Does anyone know if you can purchase the tailgate speakers yet for mutlipro
  6. What did you pay for your truck?

    Best I could get on AT4 was invoice due to low stock but they were doing up 10% on SLT
  7. I have around 1800 miles and im getting around 13mpg city and 21 hwy. Love my 6.2 10 speed.
  8. Has anyone purchased a roll on bed cover for their Sierra with pro tailgate? I used my old RetraxPRO from my 09 and it mostly fits. It’s slighty smaller so you have to adjust it just right but I was noticing that there is a big gap on new pro tail gate. This would let water in. Wondering if new bed covers are adjusting for this new tailgate
  9. No problems

    I just took my AT4 on a 1200 mile trip and it averaged 20mpg. Im pretty impressed for a truck with lift and 6.2. Only had truck 2 weeks and im loving it.

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