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  1. Does anyone know if this will work on previous gen trucks? i.e. 2016
  2. From GMpartsxperts.com, 66.79 + shipping ($10 for me)
  3. Update, if ordered from one of the GM websites, expect a delay due to the strike....
  4. Interested in doing this, just asking, this will fit a 2016? 22857352 black...
  5. Open Android Auto, Settings, First option should be "Try the new Android Auto" - enable If not there, force stop the app, re-start app, do the above, should be there...
  6. Thanks NCPGMC, replacing tires soon and this helped decide on the Defenders now. Going thru dealer, 4 for 3 and price match.
  7. Any difference between Michelin Defender LTX M/S & regular LTX M/S2 other than price?
  8. 18mm hex head bolt. You should get 2 per hook if bought new.
  9. Plan on removing driver side tomorrow....did they slide straight in or angle or something? I can start the long side, but short side stops for some reason....
  10. Guys, could use some help.....Is there a trick to installing the hooks after you remove? Took out passenger side, and tried putting in new chrome ones. Could not get it to go in...Still have the plastic piece between frame end and bumper there. Shoud it just slide in or is it a super tight fit? Thanks
  11. Installers are now using computer cutouts. Saw that when I did mine last year. Makes sense, less waste for them. Had 20% Ceramic done all around. Not quite as dark as regular carbon.
  12. Contact Chris @ White Auto & Media for programming costs (each one is unique). My application, total cost (cluster & programming) including all shipping came in @ $700ish. I purchased a new cluster instead of trying to find a used one. Just shy of 3 weeks from ordering cluster to installing in truck.
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