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  1. Has anyone seen these, kinda interesting since it supports carplay Tesla Style Radio
  2. looking at the PDF and the pin-out for the mirror. It shows the mirror needs pins 1, 2, 8, and 9 connected, 4 wires, to make auto dimming work? So if I have those 4 wires connected already I am good, or do I still need to run jumpers.
  3. Have a 2014 LT Z71 with Bose and NAV. I have unlimited access to dealer programmer and GM TISWeb. What would I need to do to have ACP and AA added to my truck with functional steering wheel controls. From what I have read it looks like I have to replace the HMI, Radio, USB, and the Cluster from 2016 and up. Is this correct? As I have access to TISWeb and Programmer do I need to send it off or can I do it myself? Also the newer USB ports do they not have an option with SD card? I wear my current SD slot out. That being said once you get up into certain dollar amounts is it not better to just replace the radio with aftermarket?
  4. I have this truck pretty much already. No racing strips because they don't belong on a truck, but pretty much everything else. Here is my 2014 Silvey, it is awfully dirty and in dire need of a bathing.

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