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  1. Thanks! That's what I have read and did not want to take a chance. I order a set of the Falken Wildpeaks in the 275/70r18 size as I didn't want any chance of rubbing. Those 295/70s look so good though!
  2. Looks great!! Been going back and forth between this size and 275/70r18.. how is the drive with those weighing in at 68lbs a piece? Have any other pics?
  3. Any thoughts on replacing the red tow hooks with black ones? I like the black GMC emblem.. thanks for the visual!
  4. Very nice! Love that color.. picked mine up last weekend (same color AT4). Which tint % did you do on the fronts?
  5. To cold to get any good pics.. but here is my 2017 Sierra with 2" front level and 2" rear block with 275/60R20 Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws
  6. I am running 295/60R20 Nitto G2s on factory 20x9 polished wheels with the rancho quiklift shocks, 1.5" BL and a 2" rear block that replaced the factory 1" block. I barely rub when i lock the steering wheel in either direction on the sway bar but do no touch the liner. I can only guess that you will rub the liner with just a 2" level but nothing some zip ties couldn't fix.. I love the look over the 275/60R20s.
  7. New lower price, $400 shipped via PayPal gift! Will be shipped securely and insured. Thanks!
  8. $450 shipped with halogens or $525 shipped with HID kit. These are quality built lights! Will ship them insured and within 1 day of PayPal payment.
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