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  1. I called first thing this morning. They do have 2 available but they are apparently saving them for other trucks. Thanks for the info. One would think that if there’s a demand maybe they could make a few??
  2. I've checked online and no one seems to have the #84489271 conversion kit. Do you know where I might be able to get one of the few remaining kits? Thanks
  3. Awesome. So glad I found this thread. That is the only issue I've had with my truck in almost 5 months. It started right after I put in the Kicker subwoofer so I thought it was something sinister going on. I just left them out, I need to take it in for the brake recall and they can fix it then.
  4. Was this resolved? I just ordered this cover. This has been the only complaint I saw. Hope mine has no issues. Got a great price at tonneaucovered.com with a $100 rebate which will put the total at $760
  5. I also appreciate the input and the things I learned from reading all these posts. I installed mine today in my non-Bose 2020 LTZ. When I found this truck a couple of weeks ago I didn't care that it didn't have Bose or nav. I wasn't impressed with the Bose on my 2019 although previous trucks I've had w/Bose sounded OK. Install was no big deal, I used to install avionics many years ago. The part that sucked was tapping into the little plug that was tucked way out of the way. It took me most of the afternoon, mainly because I was trying to find out why there was an extra plug. I'm glad I checked the switches, 2 and 3 were down. I put all 6 up. After I finished it and fired it up I wasn't impressed. I moved the switches to 1-5 up and 6 down and it was much better. I also installed a bass control knob. It sounds pretty good to my aged ears. I listened to some Stones, Led Zeppelin, Doors, and other fine tunes from days gone by and I'm pleased.
  6. Ordered mine today for my 2020 Non-Bose LTZ. I wasn't impressed with the Bose on my 2019 SLT so I'm hoping this thing sounds pretty good.
  7. It can be done and has been done. The connectors, pins and info are all available. It will require a harness. Please stop trying to sabotage my sale.
  8. Sorry for not giving enough info. They came off a 2019 LTZ crew cab and are 90" long. I live in the Houston area. They could be shipped but it would be expensive, they are heavy. $750.00 As far as fitting earlier trucks, I don't know. I can take some measurements.
  9. I bought these from a guy who took them off to drop his 1 week old truck. I have the bolts, a harness will have to be made.
  10. I'm selling the articulating boards I bought a few months ago. They are off a 2019 LTZ. I bought a set of Amp Research boards this week.
  11. That's great information. Thanks for researching it. Buying the chassis harness and stripping out what I need seems easier. I bet that's not a cheap harness.
  12. Just saw this. I have a set of articulating boards off a new 2019 LTZ and would be able to help you out to some degree.
  13. I've done some searching and stumbled across the 2019 GM Upfitter website. I did find some info on what they're calling the assist step module in Section 6-520-521. It shows the connector part numbers. Other than knowing that it didn't help much about knowing where to tap into the right harness and plug. These came off a 2019 LTZ so at least I have the correct control module.
  14. Does anyone have any information on retrofitting the 2019 boards? I just picked up a set and want to put them on my 19 SLT.
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