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  1. Sorry for not giving enough info. They came off a 2019 LTZ crew cab and are 90" long. I live in the Houston area. They could be shipped but it would be expensive, they are heavy. $750.00 As far as fitting earlier trucks, I don't know. I can take some measurements.
  2. I bought these from a guy who took them off to drop his 1 week old truck. I have the bolts, a harness will have to be made.
  3. I'm selling the articulating boards I bought a few months ago. They are off a 2019 LTZ. I bought a set of Amp Research boards this week.
  4. That's great information. Thanks for researching it. Buying the chassis harness and stripping out what I need seems easier. I bet that's not a cheap harness.
  5. Just saw this. I have a set of articulating boards off a new 2019 LTZ and would be able to help you out to some degree.
  6. I've done some searching and stumbled across the 2019 GM Upfitter website. I did find some info on what they're calling the assist step module in Section 6-520-521. It shows the connector part numbers. Other than knowing that it didn't help much about knowing where to tap into the right harness and plug. These came off a 2019 LTZ so at least I have the correct control module.
  7. Does anyone have any information on retrofitting the 2019 boards? I just picked up a set and want to put them on my 19 SLT.
  8. I haven't got it done. Been busy on my old truck.
  9. I cancelled mine and got a refund. I'll wait for a while. The steps on the 19s aren't quite as ugly as the previous years.
  10. It definitely looks better with the Sierra off the tailgate, it's too cluttered. I'm taking mine off today. my truck is white, I like the red GMC. The black letters really look good on blue.
  11. GM is laying off 14K employees. They need to add the guys that designed that front end to the others.
  12. My G2 fit fine. As with the last one I bought for my Duramax, their quality control sucks. This one had the weatherstrip curled up on 2 corners just like the last one. I shouldn't have to fix something brand new.
  13. So YouTube was helpful. Lots of locks available, the Sabellco was very nice but they only make a lock for Toyota and Ford. The Master Lock wasn't rated high, neither was the McGard. I think I'll save myself $20-40 and use a stainless hose clamp.
  14. There have been a rash of tailgate thefts in the Houston area. I would hate for mine to disappear. Any suggestions for tailgate locks that are better or more secure than others? I wonder if tailgate locks from the K2 are the same size/shape as the T1? I would think so but you never know.
  15. I have a Bakflip G2 ready to go on tomorrow. What brand are those mudflaps?
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