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Found 30 results

  1. All, I am selling the factory woodgrain trim and the center console insert that came with the GM synthesis kit (I kept my center console, just swapped the trim). This is for a crew cab, all 4 doors, center console. There is a slight scuff I tried to get in the picture where a box rubbed the passenger rear door trim. Really hard to see, but I know it is there and wanted to make sure anyone looking does. Looking to get $175 shipped to offset the other trim purchase. I am also selling the all weather mats (driver, passenger, rear) as I replaced them with the floor liners. Looking to get $65 shipped. SOLD I got the truck about a month ago so it is all fairly new still. Check out my trader rating on LS1Tech (same user ID) for confidence buying from me. Thanks.
  2. I purchased my truck with Bushwacker Smooth Entend-a-Flare installed. I do not care for the look and was curious if anyone is interested in buying or trading. Ideally I’d like to trade for the OEM black fender moldings. Let me know if there is any interest and we can work something out.
  3. Hi all, Recently picked up a 2003 Topkick. Its a Monroe modified 4 door with a pickup style bed. Some of the interior door trim panels have been damaged by previous owner. Complete hack-job on sound system install. I have talked to gm about ordering new panels but my VIN says I have a 2door model so they can't or wont help me much. I am in need of the panel which surrounds the door handle with a 4 door window master switch and speaker mount for the drivers door. I also need the cupholder insert for the rear drivers side door. Does anyone have any leads on these parts. According to Monroe equipment they used all GM parts for the interior. They may have been used in a different vehicle such as van or crewcab pickups but I haven't figured out which one yet. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't been on in a while, but, I wanted to check in, as this is still something that is bugging me. Does anyone know if the anzo headlights for the 2016-18 silverados.. trim.. fit the oem headlights? My thought is, because the oem branded headlights are so expensive, and because I only want to change from chrome to paint color, this may be a cheaper workaround. Its still quite costly, but, I can't find another way to get the trim reliably. I'd still honestly like to switch to LED lights, but, its just not a reasonable proposal when I already have HIDs.
  5. So I think someone is trying to steal my truck. For the second time in a couple of months, I've discovered my window trim pulled up out of the channel right above the door handle. Unfortunately, my truck won't fit inside my garage since I added the lift. Is there any way I can prevent them from using such a tool to open my door?
  6. OK so i have looked all around on sites to see if i could find something. i'm looking for a fender trim. i want something identicle to the stainless one that putco makes for the 2012 silverado but would like it in black because i have a silver truck and like the black trim pieces a little better has anyone came across something like this. i know i have seen them on trucks driving down the road but cant seem to hunt them down online if anyone is wondering what im talkng about it i posted the link for the stainless ones below but like i said looking for them in black http://www.putco.com/products.cfm?action=ProductView&id=9ac29cbc-ffdb-a705-a0ee-1e09361f8fed thanks please help!
  7. I am looking to trade my chrome window sill trim for the black trim. 2014-2018. I'd rather not pay $250 for something so simple
  8. Hey guys, I am wanting to swap out my chrome window trim for the black trim. I have a 2014 Sierra Crew Cab. I was looking around at pricing the trim and it’s $300! Crazy. Would anybody be interested in swapping?
  9. Here's the part number for the metal clips that hold the L shaped interior trim on the door. They need replaced if you end up removing the door panel more than a couple times. The clips are NOT listed on the door parts diagram. $15 for QTY25 on ebay. GM PART: 15748479
  10. Does anyone know of somewhere in the Houston area that would swap my door handles (have chrome but bought black ones) as well as remove my mirror caps and window belt moldings?? From everything I have read these items each take ~5min per door and a couple for the mirror caps. Hoping that someone who is comfortable with doing this could do it this quickly and for a reasonable price as I do not want to risk breaking any of the clips or turn a <1hr project into a 3hr one trying to do it myself... Thanks!
  11. Looking to buy summit white door molding for 14+ sierra 1500. Would be willing to swap my factory chrome. You can contact me on here or cell at 717-629-8442 thanks
  12. So, now that everyone has gotten a look at which trim levels Chevy will offer for 2019 on the Silverado..quick poll!
  13. Hey guys new to the forum and i'm not sure if this is the correct spot to post this. I'm looking for some information on a replacement part for my truck. I need to find a replacement wheel trim piece that fits my truck. I think I have narrowed it down the the correct one but there are two different "Designs" it says. 1st design and 2nd design does anyone know how to tell what the differences are? Here is a link to what I am looking at it's Part 4 on the exploded view Exterior Trim thanks in advance!!!
  14. I started removing the interior trim in my 2016 sierra. My plan is to vinyl wrap it all with red carbon fibre wrap. But I am stuck on one piece. It is the silver one that goes around the stereo controls. Please excuse my crappy picture as I took it at night and tried to brighten it up. Does anyone know how to remove this piece?
  15. I am looking for Black window trim and black door mouldings for my Onyx Black Double Cab
  16. Wood trim and center portion of console for sale. $120.00 plus shipping
  17. Hi all... I'm new to the forum and don't know jack mo diddly about trucks, but browsed here a bunch before I bought my Denali in July. Love the truck! It has black 22' GMC wheels, leveling kit, and Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires on it. The only problem is that I hate the side chrome trim on the truck. I would like to swap it all out for black ASAP, but I haven't had much luck in finding what I need. I already swapped the side steps for black(chrome ones are for sale!), but I would like to also swap the lug nuts, mirror caps, window trim, and door handles. Can someone point me in the right direction? Here are some pics to show you where I'm at currently. thanks in advance!!!!
  18. Hey fellas I just noticed that my chrome trim is coming loose at the back of both my drivers and passenger front doors. Has anyone else had this happen and if so how the dealership go about the repair? I can just imagine Mr Goodwrench with some super glue in hand. I am thinking that the trim needs to be completely removed / replaced and properly fastened with fresh 3M adhesive or whatever they use to make it stick permanently. Advice?
  19. Hey guys, I did some research on this looked like the door trim pieces arent hard to get out. Not sure about the console trim though? Ran across what seems like a pretty good deal for all included. Has anyone bought this package and done the swap? or done something similar? http://www.shopchevyparts.com/interior/2015-silverado-1500-interior-trim-kit-crew-cab-synthesis/23147676-p-92282295.html
  20. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone would like to trade interior trim pieces. I am looking for the silver ones that go around the air vents, radio, and on the doors to replace the black/flat charcoal grey. I figured if anyone was wanting to blackout or color match it would not matter what was under the paint haha. Just trying to save $150+. Thanks!
  21. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra and was wondering how or if it's even possible to remove the skid plate (part #22902312/22902313/22902314) without removing the entire bumper. Also note that I have tow hooks so I'm not sure how different it is than without. I have seen plenty of videos out there on how to remove the bumper as a whole which is what I should be doing in the first place, but it would be nice to remove just the skid plate which I can't seem to find anything online about. Sorry if there's already a post about this but if it exists I wasn't able to find it. I already have the air deflector taken off permanently and I looked under my truck and removed the bolts on the bottom of the skid plate and some other miscellaneous bolts from behind that I really couldn't tell if they actually held the skid plate there or not. I also noticed some clips at the top of the skid plate but before breaking anything and removing a bunch of bolts for nothing, I thought I would come here first and ask. Thanks.
  22. I'm wanting to eventually color match my grill and headlight trim. I saw some photos of the trim removed, but haven't see anything about how to do it. I search and didn't come up with anything. Those of you that have done it, I would love to hear from you; about the process, difficulty, etc. Thanks!
  23. This if for you guys that have oversized tires rubbing your fenders and want a little more than a zip tie, but less than norcal mod. I bought my 2014 silverado z71 ccsb used with a leveling kit and 18x9 -6 offset wheels. I just put on a set of cooper stt pro's in 275/70r18 and there was a slight rub in reverse at full lock. This NorTex mod aleviated that problem. I've got nothing against the guys that zip tie the lining back. My concern with it is that the slits in the lining may want to tear more than a hole would and the zip tie itself may saw through the lining over time. Here you go..... Find the closest point between the fender liner and the body mount bracket and clamp them together. Drill one 3/16 hole through fender liner and metal. Use a 3/16 x 1/4 grip rivet and a #6 washer. Put the washer on the rivet before inserting it into the drilled hole, then rivet it on. That should be enough to add about 3/4 inch or so of clearance. The plastic piece at the bottom and rear of the front fender was being rubbed as well. It was being hit on the top of the most inside corner. I didn't want the tire to rip it off and since it shouldn't be removed, because of how it's attached, I did some trimming. I cut a triangular piece off of the top, most inside corner. The cut line was about 1.5-2" long making a square triangle cut off. Here's the kicker. Bevel the cut edge with a razor blade. That way if there is anymore contact the tire won't have a square angle to catch onto and will have a better chance to slide over the plastic trim piece. The tools I used were; -Power drill with 1/8(pilot hole) & 3/16 bits -Vise grips -Flash light -flat razor blade -Hack saw blade (held by vise grips to get in flush on the plastic piece) -Rivet gun, rivets and washers There you have it. This took me about 30 minutes and I would caution you to watch for falling debris as you're under the fender. I hope this helps.
  24. These are in new condition... Taken off of an LTZ CC with 500 miles. Looking for $225 + shipping for the handles and trim. Prefer Paypal gift or add 3.5% to total for fees.
  25. **14/15 CREW CAB ITEMS** not sure about 2016 models? All take offs, in great condition. I will clean everything and have them packaged professionally, as well as provide tracking. I can send you better pictures if you're interested in any of the items. Shipping is free to lower 48 states if you use PayPal (friends and family). I will also accept Venmo. If you want multiple items please let me know. All items are available until payment is received. Description: Mirror caps- slightly broken tabs in back like majority of take offs but will install with no problem Door Handles- great conditIon, Window trim/molding- in excellent condition, no broken tabs Body trim/molding- great condition, will need to apply new 3M tape on back Side Steps- Great condition all hardware included Free Shipping included Mirror Caps: $70 Handles: $80 Window molding: $100 Body Molding: $100 Side Steps: $375 *****OBO****
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