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  1. Has anyone put the 3m clear tape on their trail boss? Is it worth it? Should I just do the front bumper or should I go all in and do everything, hood, mirrors bumper etc?
  2. I'm looking to get a soft roll up tonneau cover for my 2019 trail boss. I was at the dealer last night and they were telling me that since the 2019 trail boss has the auto open tailgate that you have to go with the GM version of the tonneau cover and that the other branded covers prevent you from utilizing the auto open feature. Does anyone know if this is the case. and if so has anyone ever had the GM tonneau cover? is it good quality? I have always been an access guy but would still like to still be able to use the auto tailgate open feature. does anyone have any experience with this? does anyone have the lorado access cover on their silverado and still able to use the auto open feature?
  3. Windows 8 is where it is at.. Yes it is really frustrating right away but after a week of using there is no going back... Windows 8 is so fast even without a ssd. I will never have another Win7 device. 8 is great once you get your screen to your liking an then it syncs accross all your devices. doesn't matter what PC you make the change on ... I'm currently running Windows 8.1 on my devices now and Windwos only got better especially for desktop users. I do say everyone should give it a chance and no knock it until they use it for a while
  4. i have a 2012 silverado the blackish interior.. i was looking to get the duha just because it does hold 2 guns and i do hunt!! so it would be very convienent but i see that duha only makes the storage for the 2012 ext cab in the color charcoal does anyone know how that matches to the dark interior of the 2012's? and how do they fit the jack stuff that is under the seat right now does that all have to come out or is it designed around that jack being there if anyone has pictures with the charcoal and blackish ebony interior please share with me thanks
  5. OK so i have looked all around on sites to see if i could find something. i'm looking for a fender trim. i want something identicle to the stainless one that putco makes for the 2012 silverado but would like it in black because i have a silver truck and like the black trim pieces a little better has anyone came across something like this. i know i have seen them on trucks driving down the road but cant seem to hunt them down online if anyone is wondering what im talkng about it i posted the link for the stainless ones below but like i said looking for them in black http://www.putco.com/products.cfm?action=ProductView&id=9ac29cbc-ffdb-a705-a0ee-1e09361f8fed thanks please help!
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