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  1. 35% on the side windows, its not quite as dark at the factory rear window tint but I tow a lot at night in the winter and I hate having to roll my windows down to see while backing up...
  2. My 2021 pulls to the right w/ just a hair over 500 miles on it, at first I thought it was me but it is definitely the truck. I have to hold the wheel a degree or two to the left in order to drive down the road straight. I am headed into the dealer tomorrow to have the alignment checked. Wish me luck!
  3. Couldn't agree more! I've found a seating position that I don't hate but it is a far cry from the comfort of my 2016 and 2018, I'm pretty disappointed considering I wanted to keep this truck longer than 3 years...
  4. In my case, I have a power seat and it’s a 3 way problem between the seat firmness, the adjustment or lack independent adjustment and the steering tilt/telescope. The seat is rock hard and could be a touch longer in the base. The adjust up and down has too much tilt forward when going up and not enough tilt back when going down(for me) and the steering wheel doesn’t come back far enough, so I am stuck between reaching for the wheel or having my legs cramped up into the peddles. Either position seems worse because the seat is damn hard.
  5. I’ve seen a few other posts but no updates or resolutions. My 2021 Sierra 2500 SLE has to have the worst seat I have ever sat it, the more I drive it the more I hate it! I’m hoping that somebody will tell me the seat will break in after a couple thousand miles??? This is my 5th GM truck since 2005 and the seat is the worst yet. It’s rock hard and makes my legs fall asleep and my thighs cramp up, it’s like the seat base is too short and the angles are just wrong. I just can’t seem to find comfortable.
  6. Not a Denali or a diesel but I ordered my SLE gasser August 31st and it showed up Nov 4th. 8 to 10 weeks seems to be the timeline I have seen most online.
  7. Picked up my 2021 GMC Crew Cab 2500 gasser last night. I ordered the truck the last week of August and I wasn’t expecting it for at least another 2 weeks. It’s been awhile since I’ve driven a big boy truck but I’m pretty impressed by the ride compared to my 2018 1500. I love the space of crew cab but I can tell I will miss the car like feel of the half ton. I’m sure that feeling will go away once I put this thing to work. Word to wise she is a real tight fit between a 9’ x 9’ overhead door... Now for some window tint and a sled deck!
  8. I prefer them but they wouldn't be a dealbreaker for me personally. You can buy a lot of spray cans of Bed Liner material or undercoating for $200 dollars...
  9. Hoping to see mine by the beginning of November... The bedliner was being sprayed in on Tuesday, so I would guess there much left besides shipping.
  10. Thanks for the info! I am looking at a couple of different decks rite now, just trying to get all of my ducks in a row before the truck shows up... I did not get the bed view camera as this truck was a bit of budget purchase (as much as a $50,000 truck can be) so I won't have that to worry about if I go with the Marlon. I like the black sides and the idea of an all aluminum deck vs the quad ply decking on the SnoPro decks.
  11. Must be snowmobile season is coming, I finally got some replies... LOL! The dealer I bought my sled trailer from can get me a Marlon Deck but I was torn between 7' and 8' models. It looks like 7' would fit perfect if I can get my hands on one! It looks like your headache rack fit below the spoiler before you raised it? My dealer is looking to sell me a leftover 2020 deck which I am fine with as long as everything fits.
  12. My biggest complaint with GM! Thousands of added dollars for stuff I don't want to get the few things that I need... My 2021 was ordered w/o a few things that I would have liked, and with a few things that I definitely didn't need for just this reason...
  13. It's the same everywhere, used prices are up almost 25% with this whole Covid thing... I started out looking for a good 2 or 3 year old truck in May and ended up ordering a 2021 for the a few thousand more than what I was finding used.
  14. Who's got a sled deck (or will have) on their 2020 HD & what length deck? I've got a 2021 short box coming that I am planning to outfit with a deck but I don't quite know what size to order? The original plan was to pick a used 3/4 ton short box and put on a 7' deck but The Rona, the truck shortage and used prices going thru the roof messed that all up so I have a Crew Cab 2121 short box on the way. My issue is that the "short" box is now 6'10" and I am a bit worried that a 7' deck won't clear the tailgate. I am planning to plow with the truck so I was hoping to avoid having the extra length of the 8' deck hanging off the back of an already long truck. The deck will mostly be used to haul the kids sleds short track sleds when the whole family is able to go riding so I don't really need an 8' deck.
  15. Well that's a little bit disappointing but nixing the rear slider saved about $1200 on the price of the truck...
  16. I really love the rear slider in my current but I did not order one in my 2121, and this thread is most of the reason why. The price of the package that includes the rear slider is another, as I was trying to keep to a pretty strict budget w/ my build. I knew that I would be beyond frustrating if I got a leaky window in a $50,000 truck...
  17. Well this one didn't work out, moral of the story is don't try to buy a Chevy from the GMC lot... Salesman at the Chevy dealership had already taken a deposit on the truck which is just my luck. However I really wasn't that excited about anything the Custom offered besides the price so I wasn't too disappointed. After some conversation and debate with myself I broke down and ordered a 2021 Sierra 2500 SLE, it was about $6000 MSRP more than the Custom trim but it has all the options I was looking for. I figure if I am gonna spend a ton of money on a truck I might as well get the things I want!
  18. I've got a 2020 2500 Custom (dealer stock) coming w/ my name on it and I got a text from my salesman saying it was built yesterday. I hoping to see it sometime in mid September. I'm guessing it would be one of the last 2020's built?
  19. I'm in the same boat, my trailer is a touch lighter though... I would love the diesel but I can justify the extra $10k on top what I am already looking at to upgrade from a half ton. Diesel on average is more expensive in the NE so that also plays a factor.
  20. I'd be curious to know how you did once you make a deal. My dealer has a Custom coming in w/ my name on it, and I'm also upgrading from a half ton.
  21. Its definitely a budget driven purchase for me... I want a 3/4 ton but I'm on a shoestring w/o a trade in so I'm shopping for the most truck I can get for the money I have. I know I will miss the steering wheel controlled radio but I have fairly long arms so I'll live. The lack of storage in the center console is a bummer but I was told I could purchase an LT center console and it will bolt right in. I like the idea of 6 seats but I will rarely use that many.
  22. Just like the title says, how do you like your Custom trimmed 2020 HD? Specifically do you miss any features that you had in your LT trimmed truck if you had one previous? I am asking because I am struggling mightily to find a used HD that I want to buy... The shortage of trucks has driven prices WAY up around home and I just don't like the idea of giving that much money for a used truck... I have been leasing for the past several years but we have out grown the 1/2 ton double cab truck and I am looking to get into a 3/4 ton. The lack of a trade in is a real killer in the payment department but the CUSTOM HD my dealer has on the way is more affordable w/ a reasonable amount of options so I don't feel like I am driving a Plain Jane work truck.
  23. No evidence of a roof leak but I will keep an eye out for it. I was really hoping to get into a new truck but w/o a trade in it is a pretty steep payment every month, I love a new truck but not that much... I figure I buy a used one and drive it 3 or 4 years and it will still be worth 15 to 20 on trade...
  24. Working a deal now on what might be THE truck... 2016 LT 6.0 Crew Cab w/ 48,800 miles. The truck idles nice, drives straight, stops straight, doesn't shake or shimmy up to 82 mph on the highway, I didn't push any faster.... It has had a recent oil change (based on the oil life 87%) and had not been through the dealers shop, so I believe it has been taken care of. It does need new tires as it appears to have the original Michelin's on it still. We haven't reached a final deal as I am waiting for a call back after it clears the shop. Anybody have any last minute concerns for me??? Trucks are super hard to find up our way and I believe this may be a good one.
  25. This is about where I am at... I'm gonna make a few calls on some certified trucks tomorrow and maybe a RAM, See who is interested in making a deal. If nobody is I'll just keep making lease payments, and see where I end up closer to fall.
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