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  1. Do I need an alignment?

    I would get the alignment as cheap insurance.
  2. I have read online that there is a class action lawsuit that is starting in Canada, has anyone read anything about one in the U.S. ? https://www.clg.org/Class-Action/List-of-Class-Actions/GM-Cracked-Dashboard-Class-Action-Lawsuit
  3. The RPM difference between the two is negligible, case in point the difference between 3.73:1 and 3.23:1 is only 500 rpm. If you want to feel a seat of the pants difference from a dead stop, have a 3600 stall installed with the stock gears.
  4. TPMS--2013 Sierra

    If the sensors are as old as the vehicle, they need to be replaced, the sensor has a battery, and that is what (over time) goes bad. BOSCH makes a great and affordable replacement. The sensors are @ 315 mHz
  5. AFM-Mods

    I agree totally, you can have the TM disabled using a hand held.
  6. Shifting Issues

    Have you been servicing the transmission regularly? Sounds like it maybe slipping due to varnish in the system.
  7. Blue Smoke?

    It is either oil seeping past the rings, or Mentelo trying to mind meld with you.
  8. I had a minor accident with my vehicle, and I had the repair work done at the below stated shop. Not only was the work sub standard, and the people there rude, they returned the vehicle to me with the finish damaged. I would avoid this shop at all costs: El Dorado Collision Center 12502 Poway Rd Poway, CA 92064 If you are particular about your vehicle, and take pride in it (as I do), this is NOT the place to go, they have a "chop shop" mentality.
  9. If you do any hard aggressive driving use straight 140W dino oil and change every 50k
  10. Advice?

    You will need the appropriate bell housing.
  11. Don't let off the throttle !
  12. How loud can I make my 5.3

    Straight outa Compton brotha !
  13. LED Tail Lights... which way to go?

    PUTCO manufactures a high quality unit, they are pricey, however you get what you pay for.
  14. I use the Sylvania Silverstar ZXE (H13) in my 2013 Yukon Denali. I have had these bulbs in now for nearly 4 years. When driving during the daytime hours, I turn the headlights off. These bulbs give off a nice 4k light.

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