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  1. i watched a video that said a work around was to hit the onstar calling button and then hit it again to sort of reset the mic. well when i hit the button on the mirror i did not get an onstar prompt so i thought to myself that is strange. so i went digging in the owners manual and found a fuse labled mirror /controls (or something of the sort) and the one for the infotainment system so i turned the truck off and pulled both fuses for about 30 seconds. put them back in and all worked again. so there was a hang up in one of those two things.
  2. seems like my truck doesn't want to hear me any more. i also got a phone call and all was normal other that the other person could not hear me.
  3. i was looking at the cooper my only hang up os the White lettering. Even though i can turn them in they can still be seen. i was also looking at the defender m/s
  4. i need to replace the stock tires on my '15 3500. i have a dedicated set of snow tires for winter so i need something that is a good all around tire with good tread wear and quiet on the road. what do you guys suggest? stock size on stock suspension!
  5. seems like the dealers are selling the new GMEPP and there are many more things on the list of "not covered" can the GMPP (ally) vesrion AKA major guard still be purchased?
  6. there are actually 3 different FAWR depending on options. here is the chart: click here looks like max plow weight for your truck should be 725 lbs
  7. the gmpp warranty has paid for itself many times for us. i have to make a decision on mine VERY soon. my 15 has the 100k powertrain and all the dpf crap is covered under emmision warranty (if not it will get a delete. but there are so many electronics in my truck i kind of like the peace of mind. but i am not sure this time either.
  8. as far as ballast i use 12x12 paver stones which are 37 lbs a piece. so they can easily be put in or taken out when needed. while the truck can take it the ballast that far back in the bed makes the truck drive a bit different when the plow isn't on.
  9. ballast is not going to correct sag. ballast is meant to correct the seesaw effect of the extra weight on the front end so your rear wheels don't lift when braking with the plow in the up position. you need to take some measurements to confirm your sagging more than normal. you have to measure from the center of the front wheel to fender with nothing on the truck, then put plow on and do the same measurement when the plow is raised. that will give you the true sag of the front end. but your truck looks pretty normal to me too. check on the door sticker and confirm your FAWR (front axle weight rating) the trucks with less sag usually have the 6k FAWR which can only be gotten with the diesel, plow prep and off road suspension. that is what mine has and sags 3/4 of an inch with an 850lb plow. looks like you have a 1k lb plow and a lower FAWR so you might see a bit more sag than most. but it should't be more than 1.5 to 2 inch.
  10. i have always hated the center console. well now i want to figure out a way to replace it. i am sure i can find a black leather jump seat. but what would it take to cover the opening on the lower section of the dash? has anyone done this swap?
  11. so the michelins blow big fat chunks! i hate them to be nice. they are now mostly shot and i figure it is time for new tires. i have a dedicated set of wheels and snow tires for winter duty (snow plowing) and am looking for what to throw on the truck for the rest of the year. i am not looking to deviate from factory sizing. for driving style i would call it fast but not aggressive. spend almost all my time on roads and drive a bunch. i want something that is going to do pretty well with mileage and in the wet while not being too loud. what says you guys?
  12. but i think the issue truly starts at the top. if corporate accepts this behavior then it will happen. i don't care what the hourly wage is there is a certain level of pride that should come with your work and if it is not met there should be a manager that steps in to correct "the problem".
  13. i will have to look at the rest, maybe they did them. i just looked at the 4 ball joints and the idler arm.
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