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  1. I have a 6.2 2019 LTZ going to have LMP install my whipple along with headers, cam, port the heads, get those shitty lifters out of there, lower compression with some 10.0 compression forged pistons,and maybe 8 piggy back injectors in the whipple manifold. Shop is booked until January so i have time to start saving lots of money for the build.
  2. Just bought a 2019 LTZ Z71 and i hate the ride. Too bumpy at low speed too bouncy at high speed. I'm going to try changing shocks when some Bilsteins become available to see if that helps. Didn't notice this piss poor ride on my test drive, wish the dealer would buy it back.
  3. Maybe not Denali shocks, i just read they have Magnaride similar to what my 2011 CTS-V has
  4. No i didn't notice the shitty ride on my brief test drive. I was just thinking since this was an all new designed truck, it would ride really nice. It's not just the Z71 optioned truck with it's Z71 Rancho Mono tube suspension that is the problem ? Do all trim levels of this new silverado ride like this ? I was thinking about replacing all the shocks with Denali shocks or a non Z71 GM double tube shock for now, at the dealers cost, until the aftermarket comes out with something. The dealership is hounding me on filling out their survey. If i don't get a smooth, non bouncy riding truck, the dealership and GM are going to get blasted on their survey.My truck is at the dealer now having a dent removed that i didn't see until i got it home and the paint on the hood cleared of some spotty fallout. They gave me a 2019 LD Silverado that is smooth as silk and doesn't bounce. This truck is the out going design. Does anyones steering wheel shake like crazy going over bumps in the road in their new T1 trucks. I can feel every bump through the steering wheel, very bad on bumpy roads. Same road with loaner truck, steering wheel feels great. WTF is going on ?
  5. Just bought a 2019 LTZ Z71, i wish i would have read this before i bought it. The truck rides terrible,bouncing all over the road, feels very unstable at high speed to the point that i'm going to lose control. At slower speed going over bumps the steering wheel shakes so bad i just can't believe this is a brand new truck. I traded my 2017 LTZ that road perfect and smooth for this piece of shit. I want another truck,i've only had it 6 days and i can't stand the junk. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do ?
  6. Hi everybody, about ready to pickup a 2017 LTZ 6.2. I read 30 of the 49 pages on and don't see anything about this. I'm thinking about putting the 2500 duramax ram air hood and setup on my 1500. Will this hood fit the 1500 ? for the hood and all other pieces minus paint it will cost 1500.00 or so. Has anyone tired this for a CIA ram effect?
  7. Hello, I'm looking to buy a 2016 SLT or LTZ with a 6.2 Double cab. Anybody selling please let me know. Will consider a 2017 set up the same way if the price is right.
  8. That i really don't know. i have a e-forced fed 2011 6.2 now,i'm going to sell it or trade it for a new 6.2 Sierra or Silverado, i'm going to try the ECM swap when i get it tuned, i guess my fingers will be crossed if i ever have to take it in under warranty.
  9. You need to buy a spare E92 Controller and do the tune on it , leave the stock controller alone, swap them out along with stock airbox and what ever else changes you made before you go for warranty work. I heard this was the way to go for getting around a tune under warranty worries.Was trying to link an Ebay page with a new E92 controller for $67.00 . Can't figure out how to link it, but look on Ebay, there forsale !!!
  10. I have been chasing this problem for the past two winters. Running 93 in my 6.2 L9H. This seems fairly common. When logging first cold start of the day,i see the Commanded AFR taking a rich dive to the 9's and this is exactly where the stumble/stall happens. Sometimes it doesn't die and Commanded AFR goes back up to 12's and 13's and idles fine,heats up, goes into closed loop and Commands 14.68 AFR. If i can find out what makes the Commanded dive down,i think i will have my cold start issue solved. Has anyone else logged their cold start up ? What does Black Bear say about this problem? Surely with so many of us having this problem they must have a fix
  11. It's been a long time on here but, i finally put a new custom grind cam in my Seirra to finally complement the E-Force supercahrger that i intalled in the summer of 2012. The new cam added 82 more hp and now wheel hp power is up to 518. Now i need someone to point me in the direction of some new aftermarket rotors and calipers to help bring this thing to a stop. Does anyone know if Brembo has anything with 4 or 6 piston calipers that will fit my L9H Seirra with the stock 17's. What are the upgrade brake options out there for our trucks. I know Hennessey sells some very expensive brake up grades, i was hoping i could gather some pieces myself for a lot less
  12. Jenna and Justin. Have you beefed up the transmissions on any of your supercharged vehicals ?
  13. I really don't know how much about what the 6L80 will handle before problems start to show up. Anybody with any knowledge on these transmissions please chime in. I'm looking to push it up to the 500 whp level or a little more.
  14. Mike, I hear what your saying about beefing up the transmission. I supercharged my 6.2 and i want to do something to my transhission to keep up with the extra power that the supercharger added. I have the 6L80, what would you suggest i have done to my transmission to make it hold up? Paul
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