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  1. After a month without my truck for the brake/ESC debacle, I’ve had my truck back for two weeks with no issues! My joy was short lived however, because now the rear window is leaking based upon the big stain on the headliner. The dealership was great and set up an appointment for tomorrow and it will be out of commission for a few days. They said they’re seeing a lot of Silverado’s w/ the leak. They’ve been pulling down the headliner and addressing it from the inside, so we shall see. The Silverado Saga continues...
  2. Did you get the recalls done? The brake pads are fine w plenty of line. Mine said the same until this past Friday. Now they’re at 90%
  3. I, like so many others was experiencing the same issue. My truck sat at the dealership waiting for GM to come out with a computer update, which eventually came out on 01-22-20. Tell your dealership to reference the update via TSB PIT5728B. They performed this on my truck on 01-24-20 and I’ve had no issues since. Good luck.
  4. Here my latest for my truck. The dealership just called and said they did the update and my truck is good to go(fingers crossed). I also called GM to see if they’ll cover the month’s payment while my truck sat for the month. I’m waiting for a call back from the area GM rep....
  5. I’m still without my truck after almost a month. I don’t feel it’s incumbent upon me to have to pay the $500+ a month for a truck that spent the month at the dealership. Has anyone had any luck pursuing this avenue of getting GM to eat a payment?
  6. Sorry to sound like a skeptic, but there’s no way a fix will be ready in three days time. If GM knew it would be happening on the 17th, I’d like to think that GM would be telling the dealerships to buy themselves some breathing room from the growing number of complaints. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so...
  7. I just stopped by the dealership this afternoon and they haven’t heard anything definitive from GM, except there’s no quick fix in sight. I was told to get used to the loaner for the time being. My buddy was told by his dealership 100 miles from me that the newest update would unveiled the last week of January or first week in Feb.
  8. Does anyone have any recent news from GM? My truck has spent all of January collecting dust in the rear lot of the dealership
  9. Will GM pay my monthly payment if my truck spends the month at the dealership???
  10. Oh I had the Trex and the Equinox over the past few weeks as well. I’m 6’3” so the Trex was the equivalent of being back in the womb. I’d prefer to take out the front seat and drive from the back.
  11. According to my dealership, GM is reporting there is no fix on the horizon anytime soon and to keep me in the loaner for the foreseeable future. My dealership has been great trying to accommodate me, but it’s beyond frustrating. I have teenagers that need the leg room of my crew cab. The loaner’s extended cab just isn’t passing muster. I filed the report with the NHTSA a couple weeks ago. My family is a loyal GM family, but we’re ready to start breaking rank if this isn’t rectified soon!
  12. Do we have a leg to stand on trying to recoup the monthly payment money or get some kind of a credit? As I too am driving a bare bones loaner while my 50k truck sits in the dealership’s lot?
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