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  1. I went ahead and ordered an Iron Bull bumper. Turns out mine was the first bumper they built for our new body style. I am super happy with it. I installed a warn vr12000 winch and two sets of visionx led lights. Bring on hunting season and winter! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Installed a Iron Bull front bumper along with a warn vr12000 winch and 4 visionx led lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have the stage 2 in my 6.2L. Love the sound it produces, and I do notice some extra HP feel, not sure if that's just the sound or not. My fuel economy has gotten slightly better too.
  4. Where was the cai vibrating ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I installed the AFE momentum stage 2 with dry filter last night....OMG. It's like it woke the 6.2L up and unleashed more ponys. Great sound too.
  6. Has anyone had any experience with IRON BULL ??
  7. I am wanting to put a front winch / bumper on my truck. I used to run buckstop bumpers on my diesel trucks, but they have not made one for the 2014, and I am thinking a 200lb bumper might be a little heavy for the front end. Any suggestions?
  8. A local company has a flash 20% off deal today for the AFE intake. Any feedback for afe would be great. I am leaning to go this way versus waiting for s&b. thanks
  9. I would like a protected filter, so I think that I will wait to see what S&B comes up with. Too easy for snow to get into the open filter styles.
  10. Has anyone went with the AEM intake for the 6.2L ? I have decided to go with a COI for my 6.2L but not sure which way to go. Any idea how long of a wait for the S&B system ?
  11. Up here in Canada I run 87 and put in an Octane Booster additive for my 6.2L.
  12. Like. That corsa sounds great. Just wonder how loud in the cab it would be?
  13. I have done the same set up with my last two DSL trucks. Works great. Downfall is that you loose valuable box space. It's too bad that Titan tanks does not make something for the 2014 gm 1500 trucks. Keep in mind also that this will effect your payload.
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