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  3. That's a good deal with the V8.....go for it.....
  4. I have 36,725 miles on my '14 Silverado. No shakes/vibration.....EVER!.... Rides and Drives like a dream. In fact, the only time it was at the dealer, was for oil changes (I took care of the recalls during those oil changes).
  5. I have a '14 Silverado 4x4, W/T, and mine are steel.
  6. I have 32k trouble free miles on my '14 Silverado. The only things I have done are oil changes. Don't be fooled into thinking that the K2XX is not a good truck. It really is a fantastic truck.
  7. I bought the Husky Rubber Floor mats for my '14 Silverado, and I love them. I would highly recommend them. Not sure if they come in the High Country Interior color....
  8. Here is my '14 Silverado Summit White...
  9. You can have it done at any point during the 24K warranty you want. I bought a '14 Silverado and had the first oil change at 3100 miles. I walked into the dealer and said "change my oil please." Not one problem. Don't take any crap from them.....it is their job to make you satisfied!!
  10. To take off the lower air dam there is 18 bolts (10mm) and 4 plastic push pins that I removed with a flat - tip screwdriver. It was quite easy, just time consuming. I am very happy with the looks of my truck now.
  11. 2014 Silverado

    Yes, I had this problem. I took it into the dealer, and they checked it, and said it had too much refrigerant oil in the system. They drained it out to the correct amount and it has been fine since. Hope this helps.
  12. Truck

  13. It was great for my daughter in the back seat. And, Fondupot, you are correct. That's what my daughter did....lay across the seat. She had the whole back seat to herself. It was very comfortable for her.
  14. My wife and I drove our daughter to Fort Campbell, Kentucky and back, in my new 2014 Silverado Double Cab, 4x4. We pulled an enclosed trailer that weighed @4200 lbs. We also had @ 1000 lbs. in the bed of my truck. We averaged 14.1 mpg on the way there, and 18 mpg on the way home with the empty trailer in tow. We kept to the interstate to get better mileage. We used Tow/Haul Mode a few times on the steep mountain hills. We also drove down to Nashville to check out the sights. The truck performed flawlessly. Very comfortable, and drove like a champ. We used 92 Octane whenever possible to get the best performance from my 5.3 while pulling the trailer. No problems whatsoever.

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