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  1. Battery warning

    About the same. Original battery died around 14 months and 60k km. Charger couldn't do anything for it, GM sent a tow, the guy was able to boost me and I drove it straight to the dealer for warranty replacement. No issues since and that was going on 2 years ago. I'm now at 3 yrs. and 130k km
  2. Just call a lemon law lawyer in your state. They give free advice, and if the case is worth their time, they will take it for free, because the manufacturer has to pay their fees, not you. Why are you waiting to do this?
  3. Lights definitely do not have to come out. The four main bolts are accessed from topside where the fascia cover was removed. The other two side brace bolts are taken from below. Air dam doesn't need to come off. You can do this job by yourself, just take out the lower bolts first so you can pick the bumper off the truck, not yourself. Kind of mean looking with the bumper off Also to add, this is maybe a 30min job each way once you've done it a couple times
  4. Has anyone tried these aftermarket fog lights/bezels? My truck came with blanks and I would like to put these in, but the price seems too good compared to what GM wants for their bezels. Can anyone tell me if they are quality or not? http://amzn.com/B00WIWRSC6
  5. I had a stone hit my windshield in the spring and left a nice big star, then two days later I had the defrost vent on blowing warm air on a cold rainy morning. The crack spidered out all over the place. Cost me $300 cdn to get replaced, they used NordGlass brand, it seems pretty nice. I don't know if it was from a truck in the opposing lane or something shot up from the guy ahead of me driving on the rumble strip on the side of the highway. You can definitely hear everything that hits the windshield and now I cringe every time
  6. You bought a truck with a pile of bolt-on upfitter stuff, a "GM Factory VCI Computer Upgrade," and you are surprised something might go wrong?
  7. Potential New Owner

    Lifting a Denali is a little different from anything else because they have mag ride. You may find some help here, or give this thread a read http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/168618-leveling-kit-for-2015-sierra-denali-magnetic-ride/page-10
  8. Actually another member has the same mod as well, this guy here http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/160411-specialops352-2014-sierra-all-terrain/ Very cool
  9. Two tone Silverado's?

    Looks like they are just wraps according to the one dealer. I like the look of this one except for the front clip where they ended the white http://inventory.davisgm.ca/new/vehicle/2015-gmc-sierra-1500-slt-id639993.htm Here's one like the one posted before http://inventory.davisgm.ca/new/vehicle/2015-gmc-sierra-1500-slt-id664431.htm
  10. I had a really bad thunking and booming sound for a while in the bed of mine, not even just over bumps. It was an old Horton's cup that was flying around.
  11. Air compressor with tank

    The horns are Hadley brand, which looks like it's a good name anyway. I travel a lot for work and came home after a bad day on the road determined to buy some, and they were the first ones I saw on Kijiji so I picked them up. I haven't been able to nail down the model, but they are something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce5NYkX7gAk Obviously that guy has much larger air tanks, but I'm hoping I get a few good toots off mine before it kicks back on. Anyway, for anyone following... I finally got a day to start working on this and made a bit of progress. I mounted the tank and wired up the relay today, tested the system and everything is working as it should. I was mostly nervous about drilling through the firewall, but I found a decent spot above the E-Brake grommet that gives me easy access inside and keeps the hole away from all the dirt and salt it will see. The system I have uses a pressure switch which kicks on at 90psi and off at 120psi. The instructions that came with suggest wiring to an ignition power source, but I am going to add in an override as well. I am using a "spare" fuse slot in the driver side panel right now, but it seems to be always on. If anyone knows a good ignition one to tap into, please let me know. I had to stop today because I was tired, it's COLD OUT, I need a lot more connectors, and the truck needed a wash Still to be done: Mount air comp - Going to go in spare battery tray using self tapping screws Wire the override switch Wire pushbutton switch for solenoid Mount solenoid Mount horns Anyone else working on one of these?
  12. Air compressor with tank

    Mine is a long and skinny kind of design. I could see a 3 gallon tank fitting if it was the same style, but anything much larger will likely be difficult to fit. You said you'd want to run air tools...there's no way a tank with that kind of capacity would fit anywhere but the bed. This tank is made for air horns and load leveling only, not even suitable to gas up tires. I am going to mount my compressor in the extra battery tray at the front on the driver side. I will run the line down to the tank and the tank lines back underneath the bed. My horns are 3ft long so i need some extra space for those. I think I need the solenoid back there as well so that the delivery is close to the horns. Then I have to figure out where to put the switches inside. This is going to be a pain in the ass but I'm looking forward to having some super loud **** horns on my truck

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