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  1. Random question as I can't seem to find the answer I am looking for on how to wire this mod. I have read different posts on the DRL to turn signal/running light mod but I want it to get one step further on my 2007 classic. I would love to wire the two lights to run as DRLs during the day, running lights at night, AND turn signals. Is wiring this setup possible?
  2. 19-20 Silverado DRL Relocate Harness for Halogen Headlight Models $220 OBO (free shipping) Only used on truck for approx. 2 months. This harness is for those with 2019-2020 new body style Silverado's that would like to disable their headlights as their DRL's and instead use the front side marker as their DRL. In auto mode this harness will allow, for only your front side markers to be on during the day, This is very useful when going to either LED or HID low beam bulbs. Light will operate as normal at night. This harness is only for those with 19-20 new body style Silverado's that are equipped with the base, halogen style headlights.
  3. Well guys since I have sold my truck I am getting rid of some of the things I had bought for it. Since my truck was tuned by Lew I got this tuner I am selling. Yes it is a one license product but from my understanding and from what Lew told me is that that means you can only program one truck at a time but if you put your tuned vehicle back to stock then the license is open again. The day I traded my truck in I put it back to stock so everything should be good. I highly suggest using Lew to tune your truck. I am asking $300 obo and I will pay shipping to you. Since I am not on the forums much nowadays and my grandmother is battling cancer which means I am traveling 3hours a day for treatments it is best to email me at [email protected] I can send pics that way etc.. I only accept PayPal as payment and can answer any other questions you may have. for those who don't know the product here is a link to the website as well as Lew's. https://www.diablosport.com/intune-i2/intune-i2-performance-programmer-gm-vehicles/ http://www.diablewtune.com/index.html
  4. Hey sorry haven't been on the forums much since I sold the truck in the spring. The tune I ran was a DiabLew tune by Lewis Eaton. Basically he works off of the Diablo InTune tuners and then takes the information off there and other specs and tunes your truck to your driving and your trucks needs for the area you live in or how you use it. Big increase in power and fuel economy for me. I actually smoked the crap out of the grapplers before my new set of tires came. Definitely worth the buy in my opinion.
  5. I've done decided in 4 years when I am out of med school I'll buy another truck or a Z71 Suburban. Still kinda got that SUV bug since my Xterra
  6. Probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but.....I no longer own my truck. After owning it for 2 years and one week exactly and 60K miles I traded her in on a 2016 Honda Accord. I decided to do this for a few reasons. 1. Honda has a lifetime warranty at the dealer near me 2. Way better interest rate 3. Cheaper on gas. So far 41.2 mpg is the highest I've gotten 4. Lower monthly payments since I had equity in my truck 5. Cheaper insurance 6. Has a lot more options than my truck did so thats just a plus I did all this with me going into medical school soon and doing a bit of driving I figured it was a better decision since I didn't really use the truck as a truck most of the time. Plus the extra money is nice to have and be able to do things with my brothers who I am raising.
  7. No not yet. It just now started to get warm over here so I was not about to try and do anything time consuming outside with the truck and it freezing or snowing
  8. Where did you get the caps from? or do you have the chrome caps laying around you'd like to sell?
  9. I've been looking at these or McGaughy's that they sell for their 7-9" lift. They are like $100 a piece
  10. I have a question that hopefully someone can help with. I plan on getting me the oe style projector headlights but run LED pods as the high beams but got a question for what to run as the low beams. Should I go HID or LED bulbs? I know some have mixed reviews of both but too LED bulbs now have heat sink ribbon type thing instead of the fans now too but which is the best option? I don't plan on retrofitting. Just looking for a simple plug and play
  11. The -13 will definitely not require cutting because my -24 only needed like .5" of plastic cut the prevent rubbing. There is a guy on here with a 7" fought country with -44 22x12 and he has some rubbing but little like I was. So if anything that would be what you would have. Im saying this because I don't want you to be like me and regret not buying the wheels you wanted. I know because this is my second time. I had 18x10 the first time going for the look I saw on another truck but really wanted bigger like 22x10 or 22x12 but then upgraded to 20x10 thinking it would do me the same and save some $$ on tires. Nope...Still want the 22x12 lol
  12. I would suggest the 22x12 with -44 as I have 20x10 -24 offset and some days to me it looks like I should of went wider. The -13 would be too small
  13. So first of all my wiring is hard wired to the BCM under the steering wheel. I cut the wires needing to be hard wired then just plug the plug into the mirror harness for power adjust and defrost like the factory mirrors did. The wires you have the cut are: Orange- Amber lights Yellow- Reverse LEDS Red/Blue- Turn Signals Also on the mirror plug you have to connect a ground wire as the mirrors have two grounds but our truck has one. I just simply tapped the extra one to the one our truck is wired for which is PIN 11. The second one is PIN 5 so I cut and tapped PIN 5 into PIN 11. As for connecting the wires I used these taps that made removing the wires easy in case I ever needed to remove or replace the mirrors. Once I connected the wires on the mirror side I ran them through the door into the cab to the BCM. Which I then connected the wires to the following: Reverse Lights- Light Blue/ Brown wire, Pin 26, Brown plug Left Signal- Blue/White wire, Pin 2, Brown Plug Right Signal- Green/Purple wire, Pin 3, Black Plug Ambers- Pin 22, White 26 Pin Plug
  14. If I was you I would just hard wire the mirrors. I did that on my truck since when I got my tow mirrors the door harnesses weren't available. I ran my wires to the BCM for signals and all since my truck was just heat and power
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