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  1. Im thinking about doing my emblems black. How hard was it to reapply? im not thinking it would be all that hardd. Im just gonna do a few more things to my truck then i think im done i wanna make it look a little less like a work truck with rims its hard to get white trucks not to look like work trucks. But you def have urs looking sharp. Next steps for me are window tint all the way around and i might smoke out the tail lights just a little to break up more of the white also paint my emblems. i cant belive chevy didnt do something like the gmcs with the black fender flares i think that looks awesome and breaks up the white real nice too.
  2. I’m also trying to find some ideas to offset all the white. Theirs to much white, I’m eventually blacking out the windows and painting my emblems black. I believe on the z71s they have a chrome trim piece down the doors I’m thinking about adding that but painting it black. If anyone has any ideas lto offset all the whitee let me no please. I have a few pictures on my profile. Ill have to get a few more pictures down the side.
  3. My offset is a +20 mm its defly almost flush ill try and post pictures soon of one down the side. Now i need to get mud flaps so i dont chip the crap outta my truck. I think ths is the best compliment ive ever herd for a truck lol.
  4. I would say a 305 would be cutting it real close a 295 fits perfect no rubbing. Im guessing with a 305 u would probably have a little rubbing. You would probably have to do some mods to make them fit.
  5. Got my new rims and tires 20x9 fuel maverick rims with a 295/55r20 nitto trail mt. 2.5 rough country leveling kit. Thought i would post some pics of a double cab u dont see to many on this thread. Let me no what you guys think.
  6. so i have a question about offset i am getting a 20x9 fuel maverick rim with a 295/55/r20 setup the rim offset is =20mm for my 2014 double cab. My question is how the rim is going to look. Its hard to explain but some rims have their rim faces flush with the outter most part of the rim and some rims are set in a little. My psersonal prefferance is that the rim face sits in a little if that makes sense. So my question is if i run a +20 mm offset will the rim face sit in on the rim or be flush? If you look at this setup the rim face is set in. http://www.customautoonline.com/20x12-Fuel-Maverick-D538-Black-wheel-rim-35x12.50r20-Nitto-Trail-Grappler-tire.html where this rim face is almost flush with the outtermost part of the rim http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/76-speciality-forums/124-wheels-tires/470944-finally-got-fuel-mavericks-my-denali.html Anyone have any ideas??
  7. http://tapatalk.com/tapatalk_image.php?img=aHR0cDovL2ltZy50YXBhdGFsay5jb20vZC8xNC8wNS8yMy9vcmlnaW5hbC95YmFqYXZ5cy5qcGc%3D What size tires is this guy runnin anyone no??
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