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    2014 silverado Z71
  1. 5.3 with 3.08 vs 3.42

    I had 3.08 and change mine to 3.73 it is day and night difference.
  2. I have one in mine now .they are not cheap
  3. 325/60/18 rims Healos 18/10/12 offset
  4. my 2014 Z71. Volant exhaust,Bilstein Shocks,N Fab steps,bull bar,Heavy Duty Trans mount ,Heavy Duty Driveshaft,K&N intake,Toyo 325/60/18,Gm bed mat,Healo 18/10 Rims.Diablo tune Eng&Trans
  5. yep you are right. but the new ones are out I put them on my truck 2 weeks ago and it rides a lot better.
  6. Allshocks.com
  7. no it rides a lot better. but I will be replacing the front ones also.
  8. yep on the rear only.I have the front ones on order they told it will be 2 or 3 weeks before I get them.I have only 5000 mi on my truck and the Rancho were already leaking and bad.
  9. I have the the 4600 on my 2014 z71 lt and the ride is so much better.
  10. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I have a 2014 Silverado Z71 LT with the Silverado Shake.I have road force bal my tires.have shim the motor mount.still have the shake.but then I replaced the trans mount with a heavy duty mount TCI part number 952500 it is a lot better.

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