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  1. Look up PIT5313C. I had all my doors repainted on my MY14 because of chipping. Your truck had to come from the Ft. Wayne Assembly Plant (11th Vin Position = Z)
  2. That looks like the factory Tie Down Rings. 4 of them came with my 14 SLT. I believe they are $50 for 4 from the parts department. Could be cheaper for you since I live in Canada.
  3. yes you will need the relay harness and either the BOW3 or the 4700uF capacitors to make the 35w kit not flicker
  4. I bought the BOW3 but with the 55w kit you don't need to install them. They will just blow up. The BOW3 error eliminator and the 4700uF Capacitors are basically the same thing except BOW3 are plug and play and the 4700uF Capacitors will need to be wired in place.
  5. When I got my HID kit Mike1220 helped me out with what to order. Here's the link to the thread and post #743. that post should answer all your questions. Hope this helps http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/152762-hid-headlight-bulbs-hid-projector-retrofit/?p=1514132
  6. This just happened to me last night when I unlocked the truck and the old lady opened up the passenger door. I'm curious as to why its doing it as well.
  7. Just drained my again at 1100KM since last drain . Its getting nicer out now so not as much water building up in it.
  8. TanMan22

    Catch Can

  9. I traded in my 2013 Cadillac ATS4 with 14500~km, very nice car just missed having a truck.
  10. ^^^^^ I had Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 on my Cadillac ATS4 last year and there the best winter tires I have had on any car. cant go wrong with Nokian
  11. No I didn't even think to order two sets just in case something doesn't work. I think I will go back and add another kit to my order before they get it put together and sent out to me. Thanks for the good idea
  12. Thanks Mike1220 for all your help. I just ordered the 55Watt 9006 - 5000K kit. Now its the waiting game for them to come in lol
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