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  1. You wouldn’t happen to take the replaced tips back in exchange?
  2. Where did you get the black exhaust tips?
  3. Brand new, never mounted, stickers still on. Decided to go a different route. These are 1750 OTD pretty much anywhere you look. $1400 OBO. Flint, Mi area.
  4. Have yours painted by a body shop. Should be cheap. I had all my emblems, tow hooks, and taillights and 3rd brake lights tinted. All for $200.
  5. Color? Bench seat? Double cab?
  6. Do you have pictures of your seats with the covers on?
  7. How many miles are on them now? Would you ship?
  8. So you plug the harness into the 2014 connections, and then these 2016 plug into the harness? All it takes to swap out the headlights is the harness (and, of course, the dismantling of the front end to install the lights)?
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