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  1. Mine came with the running boards n like the them
  2. I do believe the Silverado HDs have a wheel well fender flare
  3. drive train knock

    Mine has never done that n it is not normal. If a dealer told me that i'll laugh in his face
  4. Went to the dealer n they are ordering a new wheather strip , said the one on the truck the tabs are close to each , . We shall see if it works
  5. That so called water specialist doesn't know what he's talking about, the only fix I can see is that those 2 tabs need to be removed so the water can go straight down the strip with no resistance I'm going to the dealer tomorrow so I'll report on what they do
  6. I have the same problem and convinced that the 2 tabs are the cause. When water runs down the weather strip it hits the tabs and has no where to go but inside the vehicle
  7. Front Plate

    Dealer did mine, no cost
  8. Front park assist

    I'm not doing the front, I was hoping that an after market camera would come out n have that installed. I don't have information on the unit he used. You can probably do a search n find one
  9. Front park assist

    I've had the rear assist done on my 19 after market. The owner of place I had it done said he could do the front if I wanted it .He said it involves more work but it is doable.
  10. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    Mpg"s always depend on the speed your doing no doubt. If I do around 60 to 65 I can get 21 to 23 mpg. Doing 70 or more kills mileage
  11. only had 17000 on it, one mechanic told me that's what theses motors normally sound like. Like I said never had any problem with the truck.
  12. Weathtech vs. GM floor mats

    No comparison , the GM ones fit perfect, I've had weather tech mats before and they waffled like crazy in my 14 but they fit like a glove in my wifes car

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