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  1. I didn't get any tune when my afe cai was installed, n the truck runs fine
  2. Can you put larger tires on those 22s, I had 2014 with 22s with low profile tires and at that time before I traded it in there where no bigger ones to go on
  3. I have the exact cover n no problem with the grab handle
  4. I'm not exactly sure but I think it was amazon I got it at
  5. On my 14 all I did was use a deep black marker on the bow tie, or you could use black paint. Of course my TB already has a black BT
  6. I have a undercover tri fold and mine works fine after I adjusted it
  7. Just installed a AFE CAI n was told by several people you don't need to reflash the ECM. Don't believe you lose hp but increases it
  8. Just had this installed and love the sound, plus a AFE CAI , trucks throttle response is improved , no complaints
  9. sorry for the repeat post, tried to delete it
  10. Dealer didn't install , have the same covers. I like them just wish they were thinner. looks like you have the same truck as mine, same color etc
  11. Finally pulled the trigger n installed the Flowmaster dual exhaust { yes I know it's not a true dual exhaust } but any who, n installed my AFE CAI n the sound is great , better throttle response. Does anyone here thinks the on board computer needs to be reflashed cuz of the CAI
  12. You maybe infringing on copy rights from GM.
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