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  1. Is that a double cab , didn't know the LT's came in DC
  2. Right after church on Easter I got into the truck and of course started it up as usual but this wasn't usual the settings screen was black as can be and never did come on until I got home and shut her down After starting it back up again bingo it came on as bright as ever. There's been other times where the screen wasn't as bright as it should be Anyone experience this or could possible know what it could be
  3. F150 Lovers on 2019 gm truck

    What do you expect from ford guys , nothing new there. Of the 3 major domestic brands ford is the ugly duckling
  4. Software Update


    Some of these guys are right , not all dealers are the same, I had a GMC dealer who was the worst there is. It maybe you have a lemon which I hope you don't
  6. 2019 custom trail boss steps?

    Were they made in China
  7. Any Trail Bosses with White Letter Tires

    It is old school
  8. The tank is way to small considering the awful fuel miliage
  9. I sure wouldn't buy a truck I didn't like, IE ford or dodge or any rice burner,
  10. To each his own I say, I like the look of the 19's , I had a 14 n this new one has more power n actually more features. An mine does have power seats. Don't get me wrong I loved my 14
  11. Early build question trail boss

    I also have an early built TB ,I got mine in TN. Me and my wife both have houses in PA n TN. When I got back to PA it looks I'm the only one in my area that has a TB. I haven't had any issues with the truck as you claim.
  12. Info on ceramic coating

    There are plenty of utube vids out there that compare it with other brands
  13. Silverado Body Kit

    A big fat UGH
  14. Hood Vents

    Obviously they aren't functional right, I mean they look good

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