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  1. get a spare key n put it in your wallet, that's what I did
  2. Ive had the EGR vents installed almost since the truck was new. Just recently now the drivers side when the window goes up the sensor in the door sends it back down. I have to shut the truck off to send the window up n stay up.
  3. Not long, about a week for the part n install half an hour
  4. Mine works just fine after I adjusted the tonneau cover, you do know it's under warranty so why not take it to the dealer
  5. In the burbs around here where there are stop signs everywhere way to many n stop lights again way to many , so much stop n go driving my mpg is around 11 or 12. down in TN where I also have a house with open road driving still some stopping here n there the mpg is around 18 to 20 mpg , plus you can buy real gas. On the highway doing 60 to 65 the mileage can be 23
  6. My only complaint is an it's only minor, it seems my heater takes to long to get hot
  7. Not to mention that the newer diesels don't get the mpg's like the older ones plus they destroyed diesel fuel by taking the sulfur out of it.
  8. I didn't get any tune when my afe cai was installed, n the truck runs fine
  9. Can you put larger tires on those 22s, I had 2014 with 22s with low profile tires and at that time before I traded it in there where no bigger ones to go on
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