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  1. Flowmaster

    Is that all you did was the muffler n the valve, you didn't change the exhaust pipes at all
  2. I had 22" s on my 2014 rally sport which came with the truck n they were brutal. you felt every bump on the road, had HD bilsteins shocks n struts put on , it helped a little. Oh by the way 22's look good but that's it
  3. I guess my only complaint is that the spray on is slippery, I put three anti skid rugs down n it's help big time
  4. Automatic Folding Mirrors

    Yea people will do that, I now have a disable vet plate so I usually get a good spot now What I hate more than anything is lame people who leave shopping carts out in the lot next to cars
  5. Automatic Folding Mirrors

    I totally agree I always park where I'm sure no other vehicle is near, people I believe are jealous of new vehicles n are just plain careless
  6. 19 Trail Boss with Accessory 22's

    Exactly, cause I couldn't get that size tire with my 14
  7. Well hopefully GM or an aftermarket one will show up, thanks
  8. 19 Trail Boss with Accessory 22's

    I had a 2014 rally sport and had 22's on it and I couldn't get tires that big, they must have just come out with those. The 22's look great but they don't take pot holes very well or any bumps far as that matters goes. I had HD bilsteins installed back n front made no difference.
  9. Chrome side molding

    Hope they come in matt black which I'm sure they probably do
  10. engine stop start

    Options shows nothing about this issue
  11. Lego Trail Boss

    that's crazy
  12. Has anyone wonder what do you do if your fob's battery dies and you have push button start and as you know the vehicle will not start. I went though the owners manual and doesn't say a word about it
  13. engine stop start

    I went thru all the settings , how do you change it and what do you look for
  14. Chrome side molding

    What did they charge you to paint them

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