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  1. Dealer didn't install , have the same covers. I like them just wish they were thinner. looks like you have the same truck as mine, same color etc
  2. Finally pulled the trigger n installed the Flowmaster dual exhaust { yes I know it's not a true dual exhaust } but any who, n installed my AFE CAI n the sound is great , better throttle response. Does anyone here thinks the on board computer needs to be reflashed cuz of the CAI
  3. You maybe infringing on copy rights from GM.
  4. In the city or the burbs stop an go will kill your mpg, I have a house in the burbs an my mileage is 12 mpg, I also have a house in TN and it gets 18 to 20 mpg, and you get real gas there which helps
  5. PDR is the way to go, had a ding on the passenger side from what else a shopping cart. Cost $75, can't see the ding at all
  6. Mine came with the running boards n like the them
  7. I do believe the Silverado HDs have a wheel well fender flare
  8. Mine has never done that n it is not normal. If a dealer told me that i'll laugh in his face
  9. Went to the dealer n they are ordering a new wheather strip , said the one on the truck the tabs are close to each , . We shall see if it works
  10. That so called water specialist doesn't know what he's talking about, the only fix I can see is that those 2 tabs need to be removed so the water can go straight down the strip with no resistance I'm going to the dealer tomorrow so I'll report on what they do
  11. I have the same problem and convinced that the 2 tabs are the cause. When water runs down the weather strip it hits the tabs and has no where to go but inside the vehicle
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