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  1. That is the exact word GRIND just on real cold mornings on initial start from dead cold.
  2. 19 degree weather here in South Jersey same noise for the 1st time when starting cold 27000 miles this is the 1st time it has done it since new. 2019 custom TB 5.3
  3. My 19 Custom TB reads about 7degrees high since new,not worth it to me, to bring it in and have the dealer touch it and be worse or something else
  4. My 2019 custom TB 5.3 does the same thing especially cold sounds like a belt coming around(pulley) then making a click every revolution. 27,000 miles on mine done it since new.
  5. I have a Custom TB 2019 20,000 Miles purchased new. This squeaking rattling noise started about 5,000 miles ago left side in cab by the drivers side door or to the middle of the rear door. I just read all the replies and I looked at the drivers side door when opened up and the door latch that hooks to the door jam.It had dried up grease from the factory so all I had was chain wax for my bikes chain. I sprayed a little in the mechanism after I started hearing the squeaking driving after 5 minutes. If My pick up has been sitting for a while especially if it is cold out the noise does not start right away. I pulled over sprayed the latch mechanism and drove over the bumpiest road I could find the noise without doubt is totally gone. the problem no longer exists
  6. I totally agree check with the dip stick after a total oil change check every 500 miles to see if you are consuming it. You are not going to get all the oil out when doing an oil change especially if you do not heat up the oil (running the engine at least for a 1/2 hr). I have a 19 TB custom TB 5.3 with 20,000 miles purchased new broke in hard been doing my own oil changes PP 5/30 AC Delco every 5,000 miles I go from oil change to oil change dip stick level right at full mark every time no oil consumption. Takes exactly 8 qrts to bring it to full mark. I also agree check on level ground I have a slight incline on my driveway it shows a little low on dipstick then I park my truck on a level surface dipstick reads exactly full. My TB custom is very sensitive to checking oil on a level surface keep that in mind.
  7. Been doing my own since new CUSTOM TB 2019 Pennzoil Platinum 5/30 thats right! With AC delco filter 21,000 now it is worth it to me to do it myself piece and mind it was done correctly and oil was totally hot when drained and drained fully or the most you can get out of it..
  8. Right now cold weather my defrost comes on high as soon as I put the key in the ignition and turn forward it go's off
  9. I have a 19 custom TB 5.3 6 speed now has 10,000 miles tranny smooth as can be I did plug in a range technology at 700 miles want all 8 all the time,but I doubt it would run any worse if I took it out. To be honest my 6 speed is flawless Keith
  10. MY TB has done this since new exhaust manifold,other metal parts expanding when warming up thats all
  11. I have 9400 miles on my custom TB Z71 Tires have humm from the very beginning actually getting quieter, no vibration what so ever smooth ride all the way through. Keith
  12. Instead of using a 2 bucket system I rinse off my mitt each time I clean a section and squeeze it real good,then I place it back in my soap bucket. Keith
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