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  1. I might have missed it but who sells these?
  2. I took a Kicker Soundstage setup and made my own box to fit it in the truck. Only problem is the box hinders the full opening of the center console lid and the jump seat can not be used. Could have made the box different to make work with the center console better but im ok with how it is now.
  3. Did you do the install or someone else? I know when I installed my headers I had to disconnect the steering rod link (or whatever its called) so maybe they didnt tighten that back up.
  4. Look into the Autometer Dashlink. It plugs into your OBD port and bluetooth's to your phone. I use it to monitor timing, boost, intake temps and other stuff. It does all kinds of things. 140 bucks but by the time you install all the gauges or things to monitor what it does its not a bad deal.
  5. It came with an 87mm and I swapped to an 81mm. I havent had to change anything on the fuel system yet. Not at the max for it it yet. Next year Im going to change some things and see how far I can go before swapping the fuel pump and injectors
  6. I have a TVS1900 with long tubes on my 2017 Silverado. Runs good, right around 8lbs of boost did a pulley change to get there. Have about 2000 miles on it.
  7. Someone finally came out with a solid diff cover for our trucks.
  8. My Kooks came with Cometic gaskets very similar to factory ones if not better. Also look into getting some Stage 8 fasteners that way you never have to worry about the bolts coming loose on the headers. They make them for the collector bolts as well.
  9. Has any one used this tailgate assist from DeeZee?
  10. I have a 17 RCSB silverado with stock tires and it went all the way to 110 on the speedo and never cut out but I let off. Ill have to see when it actually cuts out.
  11. How many rings did you use on the front struts?
  12. Texas Speed has quite a bit for these engines might want to check them out.
  13. I have a 2wd so I dont know what the difference would be. Might have to contact McGaughy's.
  14. The kit I bought from McGaughys came with spindles and no upper a-arms. Fit perfect with stamped steel arms, no fitment or alignment issues. I didnt use lowering struts yet but am going to in a week or so to get the front down a little more.
  15. There is also a sticker on the gas door that says if it is FlexFuel.
  16. Heres my new truck just lowered it this past weekend. Its a 2/4 drop right now with knuckles in the front and an axle flip in the rear. More mods to come in the next few weeks.
  17. Has anyone used drop leafs to lower their truck? How did they ride?
  18. The steps are right where they should be for getting in and out. The lift is a zone 6.5 with toyo mt 35x12.5/20
  19. I would look into the Magnum RT bars as well they are a good looking design. Dont know how well the coating holds up.
  20. Well I've had mine on for 2 winters now and they're rusted at all the welds. After the 1st winter they started to rust. Mine are the flat black ones. You might be able to keep them from rusting if you constantly keep them clean during the salt months but I would be surprised if they didn't rust. I will say if you buy them directly from n-fab you will have better luck with their warranty program. I however did not buy them directly and the company I did buy them from wanted me to pay shipping to have them replaced which was almost the cost of brand new ones.
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