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  1. Well they just replaced my differential under warranty and said it was because I left it in auto all the time. It was making an awful noise and when I took it out of auto the noise went away. It is all fixed now but they said it should not be left in auto.
  2. New member

    Welcome to the forums. Lots of smart people here you can learn from. I, however am not one of them.
  3. I went from the SRAs to the Defenders and have zero regrets. I did not like the Wranglers at all but kept them on for about 43,000 miles.
  4. In my opinion you should have been able to get that for under 40k when you bought it. I understand every dealer is different but the norm around here is 17 to 20 percent off MSRP and with the internet these days its not hard to shop 10 dealers at the same time. I had to go to VT for mine but sticker was $53,500 and I paid $42 and change. They also offered me $6500 more for my trade than the local people so in my case it was worth shopping around on the interwebs.
  5. Price paid?

    If you financed with them they could also be getting kickbacks from that to help offset the loss on your truck.
  6. No clue but I know I spent about $130 bucks in the last 7 days on gas.
  7. You can go to a dealer and have them order you a truck the way you want it ( as long as it fits into their packages etc ) and then you get the discounts that are being offered when truck is ready. If you cant work out a deal they sell the truck to somebody else.
  8. My truck stickered at $53k, I paid $42k for it. It has 54k miles on it. I have had it 3 years. If I got $31k for a trade in now it would have cost me $333 a month minus oil changes etc. I think that is less than you could lease it for. I am not looking to get rid of it but if that is all it cost me for the last 3 years, I would be ok with that.
  9. Price paid?

    LT's with cloth seats MSRP for over 48k?? Seems excessive.
  10. I went the opposite route, I traded in my 2012 S4 for my Sierra. My wife still has a Q5 that she really likes. They are very nice cars but I needed the truck to pull the boat which the S4 certainly couldn't do. Enjoy the new ride.
  11. My 14 has 47k miles on it right now and I have had no real issues. A few minor ones fixed under warranty but I would buy another GMC based off how this truck has done.
  12. Um no, I am not paying you to fix my truck that I just purchased from you. You can fix it for free or keep the damn thing.
  13. Where are pictures of this new truck?

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