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  1. Just took mine back to the dealer for shaking between 40-75 mph 2018 LTZ 5.3 6 speed 2wd So far the dealer has in this order changed the torque converter. changed the motor mounts. road force balanced the tires. scratched up one of the aluminum rims. changed trans fluid and replaced scratched up rim The shake is exactly the same as the first time I took it to them. I dropped the truck off this morning for another round
  2. They put a new torque converter in my truck with no change to my vibration so I took it back. The dealer said it could be the motor mounts so they were ordered and installed new ones and I was told that the truck would be ready Friday The dealer called me Friday and said there was still a problem and they have new trans fluid ordered and should come in in a few days I am not to optimistic at this point but I will keep trying to get this issue fixed
  3. I just took my 2018 Silverado 1500 back to the dealer for this vibration issue They replaced the torque converter a few weeks ago with no relief Can't wait to see what they come up with this time
  4. Feel sorry for ya buddy Join the crowd of us frustrated Chevy owners with the Chevy shake
  5. What a bunch of bullshit There is no way that the AFM disabler from Range technology stops the vibration issues in these trucks He must be a salesman
  6. Great to hear. Dealer said my issue is the torque converter I will see later this week if it solves my vibration issues
  7. I just took my 2018 Chevy LTZ Silverado with a 5.3 6 speed with 18000 miles to the dealer I have a vibration issue felt in the steering wheel from 45 to 55 mph They said it has a bad torque converter and will replace it in a week when it comes in.
  8. I just got back from the dealer with my 2018 siverado 5.3 6 speed transmission with a vibration problem between 45 and 55 mph and they are ordering a new torque converter for it and will install it next week I will keep you guys updated
  9. Mine starts with a 1 and has it I believe it was assembled in Indiana 2018 LTZ 2 wheel drive
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