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  1. Never had water blowing and never had the windshield replaced.
  2. I replaced my cabin air filter a few days ago. It was making a noise and so I went in again to remove the leaf sitting on the blower. When I took my new filter out, I noticed it has blue stains all over it. The only thing I can think of is that I went through the car wash and it might be the soap they use (rainbow color). But I'm not sure how soap would find its way into that area. Or is this something leaking??
  3. I have 305/55R20 and 60psi, no codes...
  4. LOL, that thing is ugly, and this is coming from a huge GM guy. Hopefully when it's time for a new truck, right around when GM comes out with their full re-design, they get it right... if not I'll be looking at Ram or, if all else fails, Ford.
  5. Yep, completely normal. Be sure to check/drain more often in the winter, as the condensation aka water causes the can to fill much faster than if it were just oil alone.
  6. It's the black and grey/brown wire you want, the green is the high power wire for brake lights.
  7. Simple. It's maintenance that the customer would have to do themselves, and most people can't even find the oil dipstick now-a-days, let alone drain this can. If these things got full and clogged up the PCV system... that is bad news, and would lead to more 'warranty' claims than just not adding a can to begin with. You could argue that this could be done in tandem with an oil change, but one: Not everyone goes to a dealership to get their oil changed, and two: For those that live in colder climates, condensation leads to the cans filling much faster than a warm climate year round. Anyone trying to disprove that these things work and save your motor in the long run obviously don't know what a direct injection engine is. They cost about 100-200 bucks at most, and take literally 10 minutes to install. Cheap insurance. I mean hey, if you're gunna trade your truck in at 50,000 miles when she's just getting broken in, then all the power to you to not add a can. I just feel bad for the guy who buys your truck next. By the way, GM DOES add these on the upper line Camaro and Corvette.
  8. I'm wanting to put Bilstein 5100s and Hellwig front and rear sway bar on my truck. (2015 1500 4x4 CC SB) Just wondering, since I have a 2.5" Rough Country level kit, 1.5" Zone body lift, 33" tires and 1.5" wheel spacers... will the shocks and sway bars be compatible with all the aftermarket mods? I'm clueless when it comes to suspension. Thanks guys
  9. Just did this as well as the cargo w/ reverse lights. A tip for the foglights with high beams... Not sure if Chevy and GMC are different, or 2014 and 2015 trucks are different, but be aware that the wires may not be the same color as the guide says. Mine weren't. I went off just the color of the wires alone, and whenever I tried my high beams, the horn went off! LOL. Go by the hole number (10/18 or 10/22) and hole number ONLY.
  10. Selling brand new, never opened, Pop & Lock automatic tailgate lock/unlock for 2014+ Silverado or GMC 1500. $75 Also have the Elite Engineering Clean Side Separator. This works in tandem with their oil catch can to stop all blow by from your PCV system. $75 Prices do not include shipping, if interested please PM with your zip/postal code for shipping quote and final price. Thanks
  11. 2015 LED Upgrade

    No, the canbus is not required. Save your money.
  12. Reminds me of a Ram with those painted bumpers and vertical fog lights, and a Ford with those small weird indented headlights. Glad I still have an iconic and classic looking Chev. GM dropped the ball here. Looks like an SUV, not a truck
  13. 2015 LED Upgrade

    Jdoc: So did you buy the LED bulbs from Xenondept or HID? You keep saying HID and LED interchangeably.

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