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  1. Havoc mode doors

    Yikes.. Well definitely let us know if this fixes the issue
  2. Havoc mode doors

    You are definitely not the only one with those issues. We have had 3 - 2015 2500 in our fleet that have had issues with these. I am pretty sure my 2015 also has issues but seeing pictures like this makes me just want to leave it as is haha.
  3. Goodyear Duratrac

    No issues whatsoever. Some people complain about them being floaty and unstable but I have never experienced this.
  4. Goodyear Duratrac

    We run them on all of our field trucks (2500hd) and they are great tires. Typically get 100,000 km out of them before they are changed; lots of dirt/gravel roads and heavy payloads. They do get loud though when they are worn.
  5. I just dropped my pan and changed the fluid and filter at 125k miles.. Fluid was damn near black, I am assuming it was never done. Trans shifts great after the fluid change..
  6. Do you have to lift up the trans to get the trans pan off (like on the 1500's)? I am doing a trans service this weekend.
  7. This seems to be a very random issue. I had my 2015 2500 with the service trailer brake randomly popping up. Very annoying and it did not matter if I had a trailer attached or not. For me, my issue was resolved by changing out the trailer brake controller switch assembly (on dash). Picked it up off amazon for 50$ and good to go. No issues since.
  8. OEM 16-17 LED Headlights Added

    Awesome thanks. I am assuming just the harness from gen 5?
  9. OEM 16-17 LED Headlights Added

    Does anyone know if the 2015 2500HD SLT Headlights will be a direct swap for the 2018 2500HD SLT (HID) headlights?
  10. Hi, I was just wondering the cost involved to get carplay for a 2015 Sierra 2500HD, SLT, no bose or nav. Thank you!
  11. Hi, just looking for some guidance, been trying to find an answer. I have a 2015 2500HD SLT with memory seats, the black tow mirrors (power, heated and signal lights) and I have a 2015.5 2500HD SLT that is going to the auction, it has memory seats and the DQS mirrors.. I want to swap my black tow mirrors with these DQS mirrors. And I would like to have functioning lights(I don't care about the power fold). Since I have access to both trucks, do I need to swap the door harnesses or do I need the custom harness to make this work? Thank you in advance!
  12. My company buys about 30-40 SLE 2500HD with the 6.0 per year and in the last 6 months they cannot find any to buy.. They actually had to resort to buying a few Ford's
  13. Thanks for the help Pinnacle. So I did this the other day when it was making the noise and yes it did make the noise when I jumped on the running board. Guess I will tear it apart and take it back in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I've been using them this season. Studded 8 ply I believe. 275/65/18. I would never go back to an all season. They handle the ice and snow awesome in our -30 Celsius temperatures Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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