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  1. Hi everyone, I seem to be developing a new noise on cold start up (temps below freezing now) with my 2015 6.0L 2500hd With just about 140k miles . It sounds like a power steering pump whine but it is not coming from the belt drive. It is coming from the housing between the engine and the trans. Torque converter I believe. I think it could be the bearing but not sure. It will disappear when the truck warms up after about 15 or so minutes of driving. Trans is shifting perfectly normal. has anyone else had a similar noise develop? I am also unsure if I want to take this to the dealer or just try an independent shop.
  2. Thanks HD17 We are thinking it is related to the PCV system and valve cover. Talked to GM and they said to start out by swapping out the valve cover and inspecting the PCV line. Easy change for 80$ in parts.
  3. Hey everyone.. I was just wondering if anyone with the 6.0L gas engine is having issues with oil consumption. I have a coworker with a 2015 2500 with around 207km (130k miles) and he has been burning oil; he said at about 2,000 miles, he is down about 2L of oil. So it sounds pretty serious. He just got this truck off of our company so it had routine oil changes and was highway driven but no idea on other services. No blue smoke at startup or when driving and no leaks. Any ideas for what to check next? Thanks!
  4. This is my favorite spot.. Heat does not bother it and it is low and easy to see Will work similar with a 2019+ with the center console.
  5. My 2015 2500 has a extra leaf spring in the back. It was done to prevent sag with heavier loads. It definitely added 1-2" of height in the back but it also makes the truck extremely stiff when unloaded so there is a definitely a trade off in ride quality.
  6. I was having the same issue and for me it was the trailer brake controller 84108373. The switch on the dash. Super easy and no issues since.
  7. Apparently I got lucky, I just changed my pads and rotors at 130k miles and I bet i still had 20-30% left...
  8. My 2015 has broken exhaust manifold heads on both sides.. Sigh.. I am at 130k miles though. Is everyone replacing the manifolds when they change out the studs as well?
  9. Sigh.. Looks like my early 2014 Sierra 1500 is having this issue. I am out of warranty and local shop is charging 1600$ (Canadian dollars) to replace it all.. Local GM dealer was 2600$.
  10. You can add the Amber LED Signal flash pretty easily by splicing into the wiring behind the mirror glass. You can buy the kit from Boost Auto Parts or just buy your own splices/taps and do it yourself.
  11. Yikes.. Well definitely let us know if this fixes the issue
  12. You are definitely not the only one with those issues. We have had 3 - 2015 2500 in our fleet that have had issues with these. I am pretty sure my 2015 also has issues but seeing pictures like this makes me just want to leave it as is haha.
  13. No issues whatsoever. Some people complain about them being floaty and unstable but I have never experienced this.
  14. We run them on all of our field trucks (2500hd) and they are great tires. Typically get 100,000 km out of them before they are changed; lots of dirt/gravel roads and heavy payloads. They do get loud though when they are worn.
  15. I just dropped my pan and changed the fluid and filter at 125k miles.. Fluid was damn near black, I am assuming it was never done. Trans shifts great after the fluid change..
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