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  1. It's the friction and weight from the cover. That's why I went away from my Extang Trifecta and into a Truxedo Lo Pro. The Lo Pro has no contact with the tailgate top. I've read elsewhere of guys lightly greasing the bottom of the cover to reduce the friction with the tailgate. You could also try to shim the back and re-tighten the clamps to raise the back side up a bit.
  2. I believe it is. WT Models?
  3. Push the button and get your hands away. I've noticed if I try to have my hand on it, as it releases it'll get stuck.
  4. Has anyone recently had issues with AndroidAuto not connected to their phone? I've tried three different USB cables (all which charge the phone), reinstalled AA and removed all Bluetooth connections and reconnected the phone. I suspect AA recently updated and now we are waiting on GM to update the infotainment system. When I touch AA on the screen it says, please connect a phone with AA app installed. 2019 Silverado RST with 8 inch infotainment, connecting a Samsung S8 with AA version 4.4.592344. Yes, it had been working before, and one of the cables I tried was the one it previously functioned on.
  5. Recall #N192210560

  6. How many miles have you driven in those couple weeks? Unless you've drive 2,000 - 3,000 miles I would say it's not better.
  7. Extang Trifecta Tonneau

  8. All Weather Floor Liner Double Cab Rear

  9. All Weather Floor Liner Double Cab Rear

  10. Extang Trifecta Tonneau

  11. SOLD - Range AMF Disabler

  12. SOLD - Range AMF Disabler

  13. SOLD - Range AMF Disabler

    https://rangetechnology.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004994146-How-can-I-tell-my-version-number- V8.3R1 is Version 8, minor version 3, Release(build) 1 The module will do the following if you plug it in, or whenever it wakes from sleep: The LEDS will cycle end to end as the module performs it's internal diagnostics Once they complete, it will BLINK the LED on the far right the number of times for the major Version number The LED right next to that will BLINK the minor version. In the above 8.3 version example, you would see: FIRST LED will blink EIGHT (8) times After #1 completes, the SECOND LED will blink THREE (3) times

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