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  1. Sounds like typical 8 Speed behavior. My solution was to trade it in on a 10 speed.
  2. More like 1 out of 250 times for me. But I have come back to the truck, and noticed it hasn't locked.
  3. He's pointing right at the problem. Dealer installed. I had to missing dealer installed options when I went to take delivery of the truck. Kind of easy to notice the running boards where missing.
  4. I had a set of Coverking seat covers that fit well.
  5. My solution to the oil filter. Except I put a zip tie around the nail and hammer head to hold it secure. 2-3 holes in the bottom of the filter and let it drain. with the short hammer, you don't need a ton of clearance to swing, and the nail pokes right through the filter, working the holes closer to you as you puncture.
  6. Passenger side seat belt buckle hitting the outside of the center console? I've also noticed the seat belt at the floor will hit the B Pillar and make an annoying noise too.
  7. Traded mine in for a 2021 10 speed because of it. Couldn't stand constantly feeling like I was getting rear ended. Noticed it mostly when the weather was hotter. Was outside the timeframe for the newer transmission fluid (already had it), and the TSB provided above is only up to 2018 Silverado, so I never took it in. I did notice if you let up from braking for split second, and starting braking again it didn't do it nearly as much. I had 19,000 miles on my truck when I traded it in.
  8. Bummer it was worth a shot. Good to know Costco has some good prices.. next time I won't have to wait for GM employee pricing to get a better deal. Because our store just opened in mid November, Costco waved the Oct. 1st deadline. I just had to call the Costco Auto Customer Service number and they gave me the authorization number.
  9. So... Long story short. I bought a 2021 Trailboss the other day, and recently we had a new Costco store open up in our area. At the dealers advice I became a Costco Member and they gave me the 1,000 Costco discount. Today, Costco calls me and asks if I saw the invoice, and if I saw the Costco Member price sheet? I assume I saw the invoice, but I definitely did not see the Costco Member Pricing sheet. Based on CostoAuto.com, the trucks are listed about $3,000 below MSRP. However, I also got the GM employee discount (not typical) because of the current promotion. Is it safe to assume the GM Discount is not on top of the Costco Members pricing? and that I did get the better deal. Or should the dealer have used the Costco pricing Minus GM Discount Minus 1,000 Additional Costco Savings? Looking to see what others have received, before I question the dealer. TIA
  10. SOLD - $200.00 Truxedo Lo Pro Tonneau. Fits 2019(nbs) - 2021, Double Cabs. Used approximately 18 months. Excellent condition. I can send photos if interested. Local meets to 48611 only.
  11. It'll wear of the carpeted mats over time. They are getting blasted all the time. Luckily you got it off the painted surfaces. We always recommend hot water pressure wash as soon as possible. It's cold enough in PA right now, they probably used regular dry paint. It's still water based paint, so soap and water should clean it off. Most likely the porousness of the carpet is holding the paint. You could try like a Motsenbocker's Lift Off Paint remover. I would definitely be very careful and test it in a small area.
  12. I had the same issue on my truck. low coolant 4 times, once was a stuck actuator for the climate control. They finally did narrow it down to the evaporator, but only after it was dye/pressure tested, and they used a camera to navigate to and inspect the evaporator, before they dissembled the truck. I too was concerned, but I only noticed one trim piece not snapped on tight. One little push, and it was in. No rattles at all from the dash.
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