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  1. First shift of the day only? I'm no transmission guy, but I've read enough on here that is has to do with the fluid thickness, availability, and what clutch pack it can get to when shifting for the first time. Only any combination of those three. You will notice it more in the winter when the fluid is really cold. I'll even go as far as to say I've read it may slip by design to build heat up in the transmission to free the fluid up.
  2. My 2019 RST turns down. I did notice once when it didn't, but that's because the AC wasn't working, so no matter what the truck did it never reached the cooler temperature. If you adjust the temp up a few degrees do the fans slow down? Also, if the fans are loud, make sure all your vents are open. Increased air flow because of a closed vent will make the it sound louder.
  3. Reduce them to 32/35. They are over inflated at delivery. Dealer never drops them. They ride will be different with lower pressures.
  4. Didn't GM give wifi access for the month of April? Covid-19 related? I'm guessing it's gone now, and this is why we are getting the message? I've been getting it too, but I haven't done any recent update.
  5. The headrest noise has been common since 2019 models, most guys take the headrest out, and spread the bars apart a smidgen. This kind of wedges them tighter when you insert them back in. Found that worked for me.
  6. Just bought the GM Cargo net. Easy in, easy out if need be.
  7. I leave my keys in the truck all the time. It never locks itself. I did once throw them through an open window after the trucked locked itself. It would not unlock if I pushed the button on the handle.
  8. My Extang Trifecta from my 14 and 17 did not fit my 19. the width and length are fine, but the corners hung over in the rear, because the way the tail lights and corner curve sharper.
  9. ^^^ What he said, just add the words new body style. I would guess 19 legacy rims would not fit 19 new body style trucks. GM really screwed up with the 19 legacy, just sell them for what they are, left over 18s.
  10. damn! I should have waited. I just had my software updated, but I only have 4,200 miles.
  11. Mine goes in for the second time next week for weak AC on the drivers side. Last time it was 0.2kg low on Freon. Worked fine for a month, now it's failing again. I suspect there's a leak even though they pressure tested it. They said they should have put dye in last time, so hopefully they can see the leak this time. If not it'll be a recharge and dye, and wait for it to fail again.
  12. I have the factory spray in liner, and the Chevy bed mat, and there's still about 1/2" play in the mat. It's not like it roles up the side because it's to big.
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