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  1. My 2016 is holding water in the bottom of both front doors. After it rains, if you open the doors, water runs out of one of the weather seals on the bottom of the door and makes a nice size puddle. The water is being trapped in the seals and isn't draining out until you open the doors. The rear doors aren't holding water. Has anybody run into this problem?
  2. Nothing fancy.....driving along I-94 and heard a rock hit it and it cracked instantly. I didn't see the rock but it didn't sound like a big one so I was shocked to see the crack. It hit near the passenger side A pillar so that may have dulled the sound a bit. The crack is about 2.5 feet long. We drove through lots of gravel roads and significant construction zones during the trip but the rock in question came during a benign stretch of I-94. Must have come off the minivan in front of me.
  3. Just finished a two-week 5000-mile National Park tour and camping trip around the western US in my new-ish 2016 Silverado Crew Cab (5.3L, 3.42, 6-spd, 4x4). This was practically the first road trip we took in it (family of 4) and this is my first full-size so it was an interesting trip. I thought I would post some miscellaneous observations: - Overall, I was pleased. Other than cracking the windshield (ugh) on the drive back home, we didn't really have any issues. I drove the entire trip with the transmission in M and with grade braking off and thought that was pretty decent. I wanted to be able to bump the transmission down to M5, M4, or M3 when going down grades of various types or running with slow tourist traffic and I thought that worked pretty well. - We were tent camping so no towing but we had a couple hundred pounds of stuff in the bed covered by a Fold-a-cover G4 Elite and I thought the ride was a little better with the extra weight back there as others have reported. - My truck doesn't really vibrate but I would say that the ride is sometimes kind of "busy" at 70 mph. We spent most of our time in states with 75 or 80 mph speed limits and I found it was nice and smooth at 75-80 mph. Gas mileage took a hit at those speeds of course but the truck felt great. I was a little concerned that some amount of vibration might develop as I accumulated miles during the trip but I never really felt anything at any speed that I considered to be a significant vibration so that was good. - Looking at the fuel receipts, we did 4920 miles on 243 gallons for an overall hand calc average of 20.2 mpg. I drive relatively conservatively so I hoped to do a little better than that but the speed limits were high and we had such long distances and considerable hilly to mountainous terrain to cover that it wasn't a good test for max fuel economy. The best tank reported by the DIC was 23.8 mpg across 440 miles of Montana with a hand calc was 22.8 mpg. I watched the 25 mile average hit 26-27 mpg multiple times while driving on flat-ish slower roads around 50-55 mph so it's capable of nicer numbers but not at 75-80 mph and not in stop-n-go environments. Unfortunately, we had headwinds going both east and west (Murphy) including some sustained strong winds so that didn't help. Across all 14 fill-ups, the DIC overestimated the fuel economy by an average of 0.8 mpg per tank. - The truck was nice and comfy. I have a bad lower back so wasn't sure how it would feel through all of those miles and long days but it was good so no complaints there. - The fuel range was nice. My family and their smaller bladders didn't necessarily think so, however. - I wish there were more power/USB outlets for the back seat and I wish the back seat had real air vents like our 10-year old Buick Rendezvous but that's been debated here previously. - Cruise control, displays, radio (mostly listened to XM), headlights, air conditioning, and most other things were pretty much fine. Windshield wipers don't seem to be very fast on high. I included one photo from the trip....just a few minutes before sunrise in the Cedar Pass campground in Badlands National Park.
  4. I followed this topic for a long time. I got a new 16 crew in February and I have felt some distinct vibration twice. I test drove it up to 75 mph before buying it and couldn't feel any vibration but the ride is very busy due to the stiffness of everything so it's just a different ride than my previous vehicles. I felt like it was not easy to detect a vibration because the ride was so busy in general. The two times I felt a vibration were similar circumstances. The truck had been parked on my driveway for 2 to 3 days and I left home and jumped on the interstate which is only about 1.5 miles from my house. In each case, I felt a fairly rapid vibration as soon as I got up to speed on the interstate. I felt it mostly through the steering wheel and it felt very much like flat-spotted tires (Goodyears and 18" LT non-Z71 wheels) just based on the frequency of the vibration. After about 2 miles, the vibration disappeared. I've only noticed this twice in 900 miles, the first time was at about 700 miles. I actually got the 18" wheels partially as a hedge against the vibration issue. I was hoping that the extra sidewall would help absorb a little of it. Because I was aware of this issue all along, I was pretty depressed the first time I experienced it but I've only felt it twice and it disappeared pretty quickly both times so I don't have the bad shakes as described by some of you. Of course, I'm only at 1000 miles so things could still go downhill. I have not had the truck over about 72 mph since the test drive so I don't know how it handles at 80 mph. I sure wish GM would solve this problem for all of the owners. Because it's been going on for 3 model years now, I'm not overly optimistic they are ever going to completely resolve this but hope springs eternal.
  5. I put in the same XKglow light kit that loghead showed in post #274. They've only been installed two days but I'm happy with the install. We'll be doing some tent camping and I wanted the on/off switch back by the tailgate instead of needing to get into the cab to hit the cargo light switch. I tied into the trailer connector for power and installed a weatherproof fuse so I can disconnect the entire setup by pulling the fuse if it ever develops a problem. I ended up using hot glue to mount the led lights up under the rail. Typical low temp hot glue is supposed to melt around 248F so I don't think the summer heat will cause them to fall. We'll find out in due time. I mounted my on/off switch in a recessed area just to the right of where loghead installed his. When we have the bed full of stuff, I didn't want something to bump that switch and turn the lights on. So, it's a bit recessed but still easily reachable from the rear of the bed.
  6. Okay, I just finished installing some LED footwell lights using the same process Carl volunteered. As Carl warned, it wasn't the most fun experience but I certainly appreciate him posting the detailed photos and information. Here are a few of my observations. I knew that Carl broke a tab on the brown clip as he showed in his photos so I was really trying to be careful but I broke one completely off and cracked another one so it's not trivial to get that clip off without breaking the tabs. I used superglue to fix the tabs and it went back together fine. I used a dental pick to release the tab so I could extract the grey wire/contact. I soldered the new wire on the neck of that contact just like Carl did. To get a ground connection, I just tapped into one of the black wires in the bottom row of connector X4 which is basically in the center of his photo in post #20 of this thread. I think pins 44-50 are all grounds so I just picked one and soldered my ground wire to that. Now, I'm just waiting for darkness so I can see how they look and evaluate the positioning of the lights. Thanks Carl!
  7. Easiest way is to check the paint code in your upper glove box. My 2016 silver is paint code 636R. I had to go get a Duplicolor touch-up paint gizmo so I had my paint code handy. I don't know what the 2015 silver color code is but you can check.
  8. I hesitated to post this but figured I might as well as it's at least mildly related. I noticed today that the throttle response on my truck is very dependent on my foot placement on the gas pedal. I tend to keep my heel between the gas pedal and brake which lets me rotate the top of my foot between the gas pedal and brake. This basically means that I'm pushing on the bottom of the gas pedal. I happened to put my whole foot on the gas pedal in basically a vertical orientation and the throttle is much more responsive. I've probably driven this way my whole life and never noticed that any of my cars were sensitive in this manner. My truck only has 400 miles on it but the throttle response has always seemed very slow unless I really pushed on the pedal. With my foot position adjusted, the throttle feels a lot more responsive. I feel a little goofy writing this but figured it couldn't hurt to throw it out there.
  9. Here's the link to the 898 page for the 2015s: https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/578/Sierra_Silverado_Electrical_Body_Builders_Manual_Service_Manual_2015_en_US.pdf
  10. Here are a couple of photos of the corner gap I mentioned. The first photo is taken from the outside with an arrow drawn to the area of concern. The second photo is taken from inside the bed looking forward so the daylight that is visible is coming through the gap. My concern is mostly that when driving in the rain that the rain would basically be going right into that hole since the gap faces the forward direction. It's not the end of the world but it just seems to me that it wouldn't be that hard for Fold-a-Cover to close it off better. My truck has Line-x liner, by the way.
  11. My employer started blocking it this week also which is unfortunate.
  12. I put a Fold-a-Cover G4 Elite on my 2016 Silverado today. My last truck had a painted fiberglass ARE cover on it so this was my first experience with a folding cover. My first two observations are as follows. First, I wish they put the front latch further forward. It's towards the rear of the front panel so the leading edge of the front panel can be pulled up a little when you pull up on it even when it's latched properly. I tried to adjust the striker bolt to hold it down as much as possible but I wish they put the latch up towards the leading edge to make the front panel more snug. Doesn't feel very secure. Second, I think they did a poor job sealing it at the two front corners. There's a significant gap on both front corners and I don't think it would have been that difficult to improve the sealing of those corners to reduce the amount of water that can get in. The front, tailgate, and sides look to be sealed pretty well but it just looks like they decided to ignore the gaps at the front corners. When I first looked under it from the rear, I saw two big light holes at the front corners and was surprised how big they were. My side rails are pushed in as far as possible so I can't do anything else in the alignment to reduce the gap. I'm going to take a look at the corners and see what I can do to try and minimize those gaps. I think I can eliminate the vast majority of those gaps and maybe do something to make a little water dam to keep the water from just easily running in those corners right into the bed. Installation was okay. It took me longer than planned because I had to fiddle with some of the alignments and re-adjust some things after seeing how it finally went together. Shipping was wonderfully fast, all the parts were in the box, and the instructions and Youtube video were decent. I don't think this cover is nearly as secure as my old ARE cover so I'm concerned what I'll do when we take the truck on family trips and vacations and have stuff in there overnight at a hotel. I'm a little worried about it.
  13. New 2016 LT Crew Cab 4x4 to add to the gallery. The photos aren't really anything special but I wanted to take a few of the truck the way it rolled off the lot. I've driven a dark blue truck for the last 15 years and decided to get either white or silver to hide the dirt and salt and to make it a little easier to wax in warmer weather. I was leaning towards white but opted for silver after seeing them both up close. I have an appointment to have Line-x sprayed in on Tuesday and I have a Fold-a-cover G4 Elite ready to be put on after that. Let the fun begin!
  14. I just got a 2016 crew cab and the gas pedal bracket in mine had a lot of slop in it like has been reported here. It was frustrating to drive as I would push on the gas pedal and get little to no response. Driveability was pretty poor in my opinion. I put a piece of hard rubber matting under the bracket and the throttle response is much improved and much more consistent. I have no idea why GM hasn't addressed this simple issue in the 3rd model year. If they want the throttle to respond slowly for enhanced fuel economy, it seems to me that should be done in the throttle mapping and not by having the accelerator bracket have a half inch of slop in it.
  15. I just got one at chevy.com on the first try using Chrome's incognito mode. Had to turn off my script blocker but it popped right up after that.
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