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  1. Well, finally got the 16 Denali led headlights on. Did not have a good experience with the place I got them from, but hopefully they at least try and make good on it. We shall see.
  2. It's been flawless since day 1 man. I would not hesitate to do it again Josh
  3. Thanks for the pictures! I know sometimes pics can be deceiving/lackluster though. In your opinion, how do the LED headlights compare to the OEM halogen ones? I'm just talking about low beams. If I were to say that on a chart where 100% represented my ideal light output, then I'd put the stock lights at about 20%. Then with the bulb and bcm flash upgrade I'd say it was at 25%. When I switched to the spyder headlights and had halogen bulbs (PIAA xtreme white plus) it was about 40%. Then finally I switched to putco nite-lux LED bulbs and I'd say I'm at about 50% now. Where would you place these new led headlights? Thanks Josh
  4. Still waiting on the headers Still waiting on the headlights I just placed an order for a 3" DMH Electric Exhaust Cutout. I plan on putting it where the flapper valve is on my GM Borla. Since the AFM has been tuned out anyways, I figured it's the perfect location Josh
  5. Yes, I dealt with Jarrod from the start. He was super patient with me; I had a ton of questions. I believe the one I'm getting is the new harness. Josh
  6. Thanks for this! I just ordered a set of the 16 LED headlights with a harness from GEN5. I appreciate being able to see what my final look is going to be like. You don't happen to have any pictures comparing the light output do you? Thanks Josh
  7. Still waiting on the headers I just ordered a pair of 2016 Denali LED headlights and the harness from Gen5 Josh
  8. I'm just about to order a set of 2016 SLT LED headlights and a harness for my 2015 SLT. The only thing I'm concerned about is I've seen some people claiming there was an overheating/melting issue with the harness. Does anyone know if this has been fixed? Thanks Josh
  9. I'm about to order a set of the 2016 SLT LED headlights for my 2015 SLT, as well as the Gen5 harness. Does anyone know if there are still issues with overheating/melting of any component? I just want to be sure before I buy them. Thanks Josh
  10. So, this may be a ridiculous question, but how many do I need? I ordered 1 pack of the 79613, but I honestly don't know how many are in it, nor how many I need. If it matters, I have a 2015 Sierra 1500 with the 6.2L and I'm adding the 1 7/8 LT Kooks Headers. Thanks Josh
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